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gold and silver

we are witnessing the destruction of this great nation RIGHT NOW! We have been poisoned and are so weak in nature and stature that even China places nuclear subs off our coasts. They taste the land of honey. they see the paved roads of gold and silver. they smell the agriculture, the fine fruits andberries the clover asd the salty cool air from the coast.

This they feel is their destiny.

But what is it they are not being told?  Could it be that the Spider hides in its web…


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when do people stop to see what their world has become

Rough Men Stand Ready to Kill You in Your Bed

This is word for word what  William N  Grigg, the editor of the Pro Liberate gave to me and I am passing it on to you. I reported this to my Sheriff in Idaho County and asked him why this kind of action by the law enforcement community has become so common? The American people are concerned by the abuse of power by those that are supposed to be…

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