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Thoughts by James Madison on Congressional Representation

This letter by James Madison to George Washington gives insight into the reasoning behind the establishment of the bi-cameral legislature and apportionment of the House. We need sources like this to defend challenges to ratification of Article The First which we insist is our first right as intended by the founders.


From James… Continue

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The Pilgrims Had Problems With Their Grandkids

I received my copy of God's Answer For America by Darrel and Cindy DeVille yesterday and was curious about Appendix B: A Classic Example From Early America.

I learned about the Indian attacks of 1675 which brought the colonists to their knees seeking the mercy of God.  In only 55 years they had backslidden from the teachings of the original Pilgrims and needed to repent.  In Concord Massachusetts the message of the Church was maintained by one Reverand: Edward…


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How gov't agencies usurp our rights

Learn how unelected agencies can act as judge, jury, and prosecutor in this article from City Journal:

Thanks to @MrLTavern for tweeting this.

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Steve Bannon's documentary: Generation Zero

This documentary is based on the book: The Fourth Turning: What the Cycles of History Tell Us About America's Next Rendezvous with Destiny by William Strauss and Neil Howe

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The Pilgrims Formula To Save America! Kirk Cameron in Monumental

This video explains the Monument to the Forefathers in Plymouth Massachusetts

It was featured in Kirk Cameron’s movie Monumental, and reminds us of the principles required to secure liberty.  The following is an excerpt from the movie that describes the monument:…


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Envisioning The Indictment Engine

The AmericaAgain! Indictment Engine will be a mobile app that will be backed by the next generation of machine intelligence technologies. It will be a long-term project that will be refined over many iterations. The general theme is that individual contributions of information will be evaluated, scored and ranked according to algorithms which will profile each public servant and identify issues which may eventually lead to indictment under state laws. A machine learning algorithm is taught…


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The left is waking up while the right goes back to sleep

The following info is being sent out to groups that support liberal causes:

Michael Moore’s Rule to bring about change – EVERY DAY make a call to your congressmen or legislators.

Call 202-224-3121 or 202-225-3121 and tell the operator the name of your congressman. If you don’t know it, tell her your zip code.

There may be a long wait (that’s good). Press the speaker button and be patient. You will eventually be able to leave a… Continue

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Why Hillary wasn't indicted

The following email is circulating around the internet:

Why Hillary was not Indicted - From Cornell Law Library and Ed Klein

PLEASE take the time to read this as it will answer one of the most perplexing questions that Americans have been asking themselves about Hillary Clinton and that question "why wasn't Hillary Clinton indicted" on the many possible charges that could have been brought up against her?

I think the answer here shows beyond any reasonable doubt… Continue

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America Again! supports the National Liberty Alliance

Here is AmericaAgain!'s position on the NLA, from founder David Zuniga:

AmericaAgain! believes that National Liberty Alliance is an excellent endeavor; we support NLA as best-in-class just as we support Oath Keepers as best-in-class for restoring the even more fundamental constitutional duty, Citizen Militia.

As NLA states on their website, “Our goal is to educate and organize in your county to reinstate and initiate the Common Law Grand Jury.” The Grand Jury is a key aspect of…


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