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We Know Who You Are: 71 Senators Reject States’ Rights to Label GMOs

On the eve of a worldwide protest against Monsanto, 71 U.S. senators voted against an amendment to the Senate version of the 2013 Farm Bill that would have guaranteed states the right to enact mandatory GMO (genetically modified organism) labeling laws.

Seventy-one Senators voted against you, the 90 percent of consumers who have said that you want labels on foods containing genetically engineered (GE) ingredients.

Seventy-one Senators – including 43 Republican so-called…


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Treasongate Escalates but Endgame Nears

by Tom Heneghan
International Intelligence Expert
UNITED STATES of America  -  It can now be reported that the Obama-Holder-Clinton-Bush Administration is out of control and in full Nazi paperclip gestapo mode.
Item:  James Rosen, a FOX News reporter and a real journalist with years of experience who is not a CNN
crisis actor, has been working on a story…

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We THE People

And as Interim President, 12 May 2013

Initiate the orders of We THE People

We THE People who are the Civilian Authority with superior lawfull position over the U.S. Corporation and U.S. Military acting under the Original Jurisdiction of the United States Constitution 1789, Bill of Rights 1791 with the original 13th Amendment=”which removes persons who has an entitlement from holding public…


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    Is it possible that people may become so accustomed to being victimized that they will actually resist efforts to stop organized criminal activity by which they are being abused?  Will the traveling public of Oregon and the sister states allow and facilitate their own victimization under the guise of “public policy”, as manifested in…


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ILLITERACY, the tool of choice for white collar criminals.


ILLITERACY is one of the most valued tools that modern gangs of organized criminals wield.

To the extent that this tool can be polished and enhanced , competent criminals certainly will make every effort to do so.

Our public school system is actually under the influence of a vast criminal enterprise today, the effect of which is degrading educational standards, including the expectation that students will be able to read with…


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