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Stupidamerkin's Blog – August 2013 Archive (45)


I'm sure most of the members here already know about this forgotten, hidden Dick Act of 1902, H.R.11654, but I thought it may be a refresher on how serious this issue really is. It's called "Death by Gun Control, 

It is too obvious now what is really going down in this country and the world and those who are…


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Let's Give him what he wants

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Wikileakes The Truth

“In a time of universal deceit, TELLING THE TRUTH is a revolutionary act.”  George Orwell

"Telling the truth in an empire of lies is treason." Ron Paul

Here is a film that the world needs to see. The horrific horrors and atrocities that have been committed and covered up by what we call a democratic government in reality is a corporate fascist regime ready and willing to do what ever it takes to keep the lid on the truth and it is all business as usual.…


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