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Mass Arrests Get Ready

Mass Arrests Of Bankers, Politicians To Begin Soon For Treason Against America; US Military, Sheriffs, Militia On Side Of ‘The People’;

Daily Paul

A quick summary: Prepare for 2 weeks of Self Sufficiency! Tactically, everyone is in position. Mitt Romney to be arrested! These mass arrests will…


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9-11 and the Bush Cartel Exposed


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The Real Domestic Terrorist

The most dangerous element we have in our society today

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Innocence Incarcerated for Profit

“The power the judge, (AHO) administrative hearing officer, and prosecutor has over the jury is in direct preportion to the jury’s ignorance.”

Forget about the Constitution, Bill of Rights or any sliver of real justice. Let’s just look at the reality of common sense and our God given rights for all mankind.

I always thought that jails, prisons and incarceration was for real criminals that commit real crimes against anyone which leaves a real victim or injured party, but in…


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SEAL Team 6 Was Murdered

And it's still business as usual. Where is the good military and the oath keepers? Where are all their Navy Seal brothers?

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Dr. M. T. Keshe’s Vision for a New World

This man came to the table with his offer and technology 3 years ago for all governments and regimes of the world and it has yet to be exposed to the masses which validates the control and power the big energy corporations. How is it that these sick and twisted individuals can continue to harm and destroy the billions on this planet?…


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The real cost of illegals

 What if they left.....AND ENTERED LEGALLY? 
Somebody really did their homework on this one.  Best on the subject to present date.

What if 20 Million Illegal Aliens Vacated America?

I, Tina Griego, journalist for the Denver Rocky Mountain News wrote a column titled, "Mexican Visitor's Lament".

I interviewed Mexican journalist Evangelina…

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Riot Police Remove Their Helmets in Solidarity With Italian Protesters

It's catching on. When will this happen here in Amerkia?

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Police Lay Down Their Helmets, Armor:: Remove Barricades In Solidarity With Protestors

You will never see this on any lame stream media. This needs to go viral. The police are now at the fork in the road and are now making the choice for truth and freedom or continue down the road of tyranny.

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