That is an old wisdom that is very appropriate to an idea that is today being floated in many circles.

"The Constitution is broken and we need to fix it!"

"The Constitution is so broken we need to scrap it and hold a new Constitutional convention to write a new one."

The Constitution itself has obviously been violated, particularly the intent, as can be clearly seen in the wording of the Constitution, and in the surrounding documents, letters and essays, of the Founding Fathers. One does not need a PHD to read and understand the Constitution. It was written in everyday language so every day people, from the Law Offices and Banking Institutions, to the dock worker and the farmer in the field could read it and understand it.

Fix it or write a new one? Let's take a look at the two alternatives as I see them.

Scrap the Constitution and hold a convention to write a new Constitution. I propose it is far easier to fix the Constitution than it would be to write a new one, mostly because there are only a couple of flaws in it; but, the constitution is itself almost perfectly satisfactory, so why throw away the model when it can be fixed? However, this is not the biggest reason I am against the idea of scrapping the Constitution and writing a new one.

My biggest objection is in the people. Consider, the Constitution as it stands today, was written by people who were enculturated in the concept and value of hard work and good character. It was written by men, and for people, who were deeply rooted in the concept that to be in debt was a horrible condition, and for whom to depend on charity of any nature was a shameful condition, reflecting particularly hard on the parents, especially the father. Thus it was written by and for people who understood there would be poverty; but, everyone could see that the way out of poverty was up, through personal wealth creation, not through petitioning government for funds it is not authorized to give. The Constitution was written by and for people who understood and practiced delayed gratification, who understood sacrifice today in order to gain tomorrow, people who looked for opportunity and not a free ride on the public.

Imagine a Constitutional convention held today. Frightening, isn't it.

Who would write the new Constitution? Why it is the inevitable truth that the people who would write the new Constitution would be mostly the same people who have wrecked the Constitution we have now. Can you imagine what would come out of a convention in which it was insisted that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson had a representative's seat. How about a new Constitution written with John McCain and Lindsey Graham as representatives? How about George Soros in the room?

In short, when you accept that a new Constitution would be written by the same folks who are making a hash of the nation under the current Constitution, suddenly the idea of that happening gets to be absolutely scary.

Look at what the leftist crowd has done with the twisted interpretation of the words "promote the general welfare", which they have turned into "provide welfare to ensure a voter base". Look at what has been done with the words "regulate interstate commerce", being twisted by statists of all stripes to mean "dictate trade down to the petty level of how much salt a person can use on his food".

I am against having a new Constitution being written by people who have become virtually insane on power. I am against having a new Constitution written by people enculturated to think that government action and power is the answer to every issue, and written for a people who look to government for a guarantee of every aspect of their lives.

Fix the old one by starting with Art 1, Sec 5, para 2, 1st phrase, "Each house may determine the rules of its proceedings,", and passing an amendment to eliminate that loophole, which is the key to all the corruption in Congress. It allows corrupt people to be corrupt and still remain Constitutional.

To put this in personal perspective, dear reader, imagine you are offered a position as the co-CEO of Walmart, and you are given a blank piece of paper and told to "write your own contract." How good could you make it for yourself in terms of pay, power, and amount of time devoted to actually performing your duties? Now notice nothing is said about that power of writing the contract is limited, you can rewrite your contract at any time, and in any way. Now how good could you make it for yourself? Ah ha, notice it does not say the contract has to be approved by anyone, not at the time of writing or anytime in the future. Now how good could you make it for yourself? Oh, but wait there is more, notice that there is no supervision of your conduct under that contract. Now how good could you make it for yourself.

Under that innocuous little phrase "Each house may determine the rules of its proceedings", the committee system was created. Instant corruption and power, which you will see if you study the committee system.

Under that committee system Harry Reid had over 300 bills passed by the House of Representatives, which he never allowed to be presented to the floor in the Senate for a vote. One man, destroyed completely the primary intent of the Constitution, that intent of "Equal representation" to every single citizen of the USA.

Would you like Harry Reid on the new Constitutional Convention? Be careful for what you wish.

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Comment by Myrtle Linder on March 29, 2015 at 3:21pm

There is still one way left for us: GET RIGHT WITH GOD BY ACCEPTING  HIS SO JESUS CHRIST AS SAVIOR AND LIFE FOR HIM.If all who claim to be Christians would really live as Christians we would not be in this mess.

Why would we expect JESUS CHRIST to protect us when we disclaim HIM as a fable or a fake.

Comment by Mike on March 13, 2015 at 10:44am
I agree, there is a present-day plan to re-write our Constitution. Not because it doesn't work or it's outdated, but because it is in the way of Socialism and must be "legally" scuttled with the full support of the sheeple.

There is nothing wrong with our original US Constitution, we only need to use it and demand that it is still in effect, not modify it. The following only summarizes what we need to learn and share. I'm sure there is more. Notice that I have quotation marks each time I use the words legal and lawful. They are NOT the same or interchangeable. (...and I still get them mixed up if I am not diligent.)

Scroll through our topics list and find the PDF "constitutional criminal complaint". Skip the lengthy legal complaint document and look at page 50. Then read page 63 which describes how to regain personal sovereignty. It's a timeline of how our US Constitution has "progressively" been corrupted AND how we now have TWO simultaneous US Constitutions. We think we are living under the original one, but are in reality "legally" bound and enslaved by the invisible one. Unless you've been scammed and abused by the for-profit corporate statutory courts instead of the "lawful" Common Law Courts, you probably would have no clue that the second one exists. Pay attention to what a trap has been set by "inventing" an "unlawful" and unconstitutional US Citizen. There is no such thing! If we are observant, we see it on almost every government document we sign when dealing with the state and federal "unlawful" government agencies. After learning of this we can understand WHY "contract law" is the basis of what is taught in law school. Every interaction with government agencies, police, and the courts transfers our Rights into corporate contracts under THEIR invisible system. And we have no idea that we allowed it, and had the choice to avoid it, if it was only known to us.

BEWARE: The scam can be discovered almost anytime we are "required" to sign something! It's hidden in plain sight if we just take a moment to open our eyes. I was warned by a lawyer friend to NEVER sign anything. Every signature we make is a legal document waiting to ensnare us. Once we comprehend the existence of the scam, our entire outlook is amazing. We are surrounded by untruths in everything we do. The news is a science fiction fairytale when we understand the corrupted "legal" language in use.

Yes, it can be fixed, and someone is not going to want us to expose the scam they've created. We can change it by educating the unfortunate sheeple by sharing knowledge and by OUR example. We need to follow the "lawful" remedies that others like us are discovering.

For more information, also search for the "National Liberty Alliance". They have resurrected the Common Law Courts in every county in the country. But we need to know about it to benefit from them. If we don't get the word out, the powers-that-be will have their "legal" and binding constitutional convention and destroy our original US Constitution once and for all. Education is their greatest headache. That is why we have a nationalized education system and why they are presently terrified of the internet and are now intending to control it's use. They wish to silence free un-licensed educational content of people like us. Keep in mind, the Internet is too powerful and they really need to destroy it as swiftly as they can.


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