One of the flaws in humans is their tendency to blindly obey those who they believe to be in a position of trust or authority, whether the person is actually an authority or not. Even if they simply "appear" to be an authority, or "act" like one, this is usually sufficient to engender trust and illicit cooperation.

This makes humans vulnerable to exploitation by greedy men with hidden agendas. Those seeking to enslave us and steal the fruits of our labor, are masquerade as our friends, They are presenting themselves as benefactors, but are in reality nothing more than parasitic bankers, lawyers and politicians.

Our founding fathers, especially Thomas Jefferson, tried to warn us that if we were not forever vigilant, the government which we created to protect our lives and liberty would one day threaten our very survival by overstepping the very bounds with which we created them.

Those whom we have elected to positions of authority cannot be trusted. The more power they have the more dangerous they become. When you play with fire, you are going to get burned and that is why we as a people, need to continually be on guard against the abuse of power by our own government, at all levels. Benjamin Franklin once observed that those who seek political office, usually have a lust for power and an insatiable apatite for wealth.

By creating positions in government where a man can satisfy both desires, we have given unscrupulous men the power to rule and reign over us. Richard Maybury, a highly respected Libertarian spokesman explains in this short video  link, Why Power Corrupts.

Most individuals are easily fooled by charismatic candidates and end up playing the game of "follow the leader" instead of taking individual responsibility  for their own actions and be ready to accept the consequences. When a man listens to his conscience, he doesn't need someone else to tell him what to think and do. He can figure out freedom on his own.

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Comment by daniel allan:pendergast on October 5, 2017 at 1:56pm

I am on a friend's email list. He sent out an email regarding this last false flag attack in Vegas. One on his email list responded with [reply all message] the following message:

Chemtrails, GMOs, Big Pharma, False Flags, or any of the dozens of other supposedly secret and/or nefarious operations are not the cause of the world’s problems.
Please remove me from your list of forwards.

Thank you.
My response was:

"You are not on my list of forwards so of course, there is nothing to remove. As an aside, the people of the world would, no doubt, rise up against the controllers if they had any knowledge of criminality that was being secretly imposed on them. 'WE ALL ARE' is a simplistic reduction of the problem by saying that it is our fault that we have been educated in the public fool system, brainwashed by the MSM, bamboozled by the banking system, conned into believing that Govco is a legitimate government, poisoned by Big Pharma and chemtrails, terrorized by continued false flag attacks, and bled of our young through perpetual wars for the benefit of the international banksters, just for starters .

Since you have deduced that WE ALL ARE the cause of the world's problems, including the aforementioned, it comes to mind that when one makes such a statement, that that person must have looked into the situation and recognized that we are all sitting around aware of what is transpiring and we are refusing to do that which is necessary to correct the problems. If WE ALL ARE responsible for the world's problems as you project, then you obviously know exactly what WE ALL  should be doing to straighten things out. I'm guessing that you are far too mature to suggest that we vote the bastards out --since that has never worked because the system is rigged and your vote is not worth the paper it is written on. Revoke your election to be treated as a Taxpayer so you can quit funding the rats.  That's worked for me since 1991 but most of the public is way too frightened of the IRS to follow suit there. Take up arms against every phony de-facto regime on the planet. That would take some doing but then, it may come down to that at some future date. Thank God we wouldn't have to derail every government on the planet as there are still some that the international banksters still don't control and those 3 countries are Iran, Syria, and North Korea. Hear them sabres rattling in the background. Yep, the banksters are getting impatient.

So, Sir of Madam, just what suggestions do you have for these 6 1/2 billion people sitting on their ass to do to correct the world condition?

I'm waiting."

I don't know about anyone else but I'm fed up with simple minded assholes who project that all that's wrong with the world is somehow OUR fault. Most people are decent, hard working , caring individuals that do their best to make planet earth a better place to be in. Unfortunately greed, sloth, corruption and the rest of the deadly sins seem to manifest themselves from the top down, not from the bottom up.

Comment by Robert Becker on October 5, 2017 at 10:02am

I don't even believe that the people over the years really saw what was happening. They did not have the advantage that we do. The internet and the ability to talk amongst so many like minded and to get information so easily. A very old saying power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Once in the crowd most men get the taste of the power and they just ride along. As far as trusting leadership; the vast number of people I talk to want someone to make the decisions for them. They like not having to have the BIG responsibilities. They have Big Brother making all the decisions. Big brother protects them. If necessary big brother feeds, clothes and houses them. All they have to do give up their sovereignty and they can just live day to day. If like in the matrix most people were offered the pill to see and know the truth; most would have ran from the room or greedily grabbed the pill to let them go back to sleep. People like the lives they have. They will attack you if you try to awaken them. People who go into government are not asleep or are not afraid to wake up. they hunger for the power they get. Just like you will find many in law enforcement are the same way. They thirst for the power and clout they get.

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