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Comment by MOVINGTARGET on October 14, 2017 at 6:11am

Overview of America, narrated by John McManus of The John Birch Society. I was a member of the JBS for many years, and have a copy of this excellent video on DVD. 

You may also like to read the book that was written by John McManus called "Changing Commands" The Betrayal of America's Military.

This book explains how our Military will eventually be handed over to the United Nations, and how most of our Generals and senior officers were assigned by their respective branches to spend an entire year at CFR headquarters in New York City, for the purpose of attending the CFR Military Fellows Program that was started in 1962.

This program was designed to educate them about the New World Order, and this book lists the names of the officers that attended.

Read the book online here:


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