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Ever since the 6th grade I was supposed to be a big time attorney. It was such a prestigious goal. Studying hard, passing the Bar, living the dream of fighting for freedom and justice against the Bad Guys. And best of all, making great money while I do it! Thank God in Heaven that did not happen. Because now I realize, the bad guys are on that side of the Bar. And Bar Attorneys are one level up from the Police overseers who serve the Politician slave masters of the 14th Amendment Citizens. I am not a 14th Amendment Citizen.

America is NOT a free Country. It is a Corporate Oligarchy, under a Monarch bloodline. And its jurisdiction is nullifying Constitutional Common Law of THE PEOPLE, replacing it with Maritime/Admiralty Law. This is my story….

I have spent the past couple days in jail because the Constitution has been suspended. I believe Maritime/Admiralty law has taken its place. I get this indication from the gold fringe and tassels that we mistake as meaningless and pretty decorations. I have not deeply studied Maritime/Admiralty law yet. I know that it is the law of water, and of commerce, and that it secretly affects the people who are charged in the courts in which it stands.  I know that it is not an Article 4 flag of freedom and justice for all. I assume it gives Government blanket jurisdiction over everything.

I was unexpectedly saddled with 2 homeless American Pitbull Terrier dogs. I was hoping to re-home them but they are still in my possession. I do not believe in the unnecessary murdering of animals, so I did not give them to the local animal shelter. I have some space and they are extra friendly. One dog somehow escaped the back yard and walked around my property to the front sidewalk. She was sitting outside my front fence. The next day, the neighbors told me they saw her sitting there and called the pound.  I immediately went to pick her up. The shelter attempted to force me to pay fees which totaled $300. Why? I hadn’t requested services. I stated various violations of Constitutional rights and they told me they’d give her back if I sign a letter promising to spay and vaccinate her.  I signed under duress, got my dog, and left.

By what authority does Government believe it can force us to bow to Its will?! The next day I received a failure to comply and an order to show cause from the city court clerk. The date for me to comply on the shelter documents was not for another 5 weeks. To what am I failing to appear or comply? I began researching my rights. I filed a Motion to Dismiss on Jurisdiction. I received a Failure to Appear Summons. I responded with an Answer questioning Jurisdiction. I received the same Failure to Appear.  Again, I responded with a Motion, including an appeal to the Judge to please stick to his Oath.  I received a repeat Failure to Appear including an Order and a Motion Denied and a Bench Warrant. I planned to go into the court the next day. Before I could go into court, my house was surrounded by police. I did not run out the front door because I am disabled physically and it takes me a bit to get from one room to another. I guess I took too long and the police were on my deck, threatening to break the door down. They put everyone in handcuffs, including my 2 minor children and a friend who was visiting. They took us to jail but it was only me they booked.

The next day I saw the judge, but it was on a monitor from the jail. No witnesses. He immediately recused himself from the case. I learned from another inmate who had just come back from the courtroom that she overheard my judge tell the new judge that he was tired of arguing with me. They should whisper better. When my new judge came on screen, he asked me if I understood the charges against me. I responded ‘NO, I do NOT understand the charges against me, sir.’  He told me that I first needed to plea and then he would explain them to me.  When I insisted that I could not enter pleas without understanding the charges, he began entering pleas for me. I respectfully interrupted with ‘Is your Honor practicing law from the bench?’ Judge Arthur completed the entire process on his own, completely ignoring my successively louder objections. He told me I would meet my Public Defender in the morning. I had not asked for a Public Defender. I attempted to tell him I refuse a Public Defender but the Judge ended the monologue by turning off the monitor. There was no bond, so I had to sit there until he willed me to be free. 2 days. The next day, the jailer took me to an empty courtroom. The Public Defender happened to be a guy I had worked for a few years earlier. He told me I did not need to have an attorney so I could deny one if I wanted. But then he looked at the judge and gave me papers to sign. I signed under duress with UCC 1-308/1-207. The attorneys work for Them.

I have been charged with:

Dogs running at large

Dogs not spayed/neutered

Dogs not vaccinated

and Resisting or Obstructing Police

All of these are Unconstitutional and I showed case law and Statutes defending my position in my responses. All of it was ignored. The judges wanted my body attachment to their demands. Period.

When I got home, I filed a judicial complaint against both judges. I began a petition on They are attempting to charge my minor son in a kangaroo court for harboring a fugitive because it took me too long to answer my door, which I am not even required to do. This should be interesting. I will keep you posted.

This is America under Gold Fringed Admiralty/Maritime Law. America Corporation is NOT a free country.

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Comment by Jessica on February 22, 2019 at 4:06am

So we are all slaves, subject to the Government.

Comment by Bill May on February 8, 2019 at 12:44am

I can provide enough easy to verify evidence to convince a truly logical brain that we have been under communist fed military occupation since the early 1950's.

The trial courts for the state-only citizens [ judicial branch / common law ] were closed in the early 1950's and replaced with legislative branch [ statutory ] trial courts flying the fed military standard.

The current courts have no constitutional authority over the state-only citizen.

The current courts are not required to recognize any of the rights secured by their state constitution and they will tell you not to bring them up if you try.

Constitutionally secured rights can only be suspended under foreign military occupation.

The fed gov was never delegated the power to come into the states and rule the state-only citizen concurrently with the state legislature - which also ignores all constitutional limitations.

The fed gov with the UnPatriot Act openly stated that all rights have been suspended. With the NDAA it has openly declared the power to murder anyone at any time - even 14th amendment citizens.

These things can only take place under communist fed military occupation wherein all constitutions have been replaced with communist policy.

Comment by Jessica on January 9, 2019 at 8:56am

I watched story of Gordon Kahl and his family. I am inspired by them and the Bundys. Woow. And the Bundys won! This gives me hope. I know the fight is hard, but that the Bundys fought..and won is inspiring and gives me strength. Thank you for making me aware of the Kahls, and reminding me of the Bundy ranch case, Peter John. I can't wait to get the book. 

Comment by Jessica on January 7, 2019 at 3:07pm

Just so we all understand, I am not trying to be argumentative. I am trying to reason, and I appreciate everyone's input. It will help make my arguments stronger when I argue this. I hope you don't mind. Having cleared that...

Religious freedom/religious exclusivity, I honestly don't believe they came for either, but that is also because I have read books outside of public school. So I guess that depends on what Humans choose to believe. Either way, I believe it is evil to take anybody else's property period. But that is another discussion.

"When you take in the dog, you, in effect accept whatever ordinances apply..."

This implies an invisible, mysterious contract was made. Contracts cannot be made, nor be effective simply from implications or expectations. If that were the case we all, by this conversation, have made a contract with each other for legal advice as attorneys, or law professors, etc. We could imply all kinds of secret contracts from our daily dialogues with Humans. And that our convo is written could put more power behind the invisible expectation. What if one of us based their freedom on our conversation? That would be ridiculous to the sensible mind, wouldn't it? This is why contracts are written with contract rules, so there are no implications or assumptions. Especially contracts with Government dealing with Humans.

A legal/lawful contract needs offer, acceptance, consideration, etc. It can't just be assumed that a Human is obligated to perform 'just because It exists'. I have no contract with the State to perform just because some random Human shirked their responsibility and it happened to shirk it on my property. I Especially have no contract with the State on property that I own. That is illogical, and outside of Common Law. Common Law requires a victim in a Crime. And while the Act of 1871 created a loophole to make Common Law apply to commerce and corporations for loot, it does not make it Constitutional or just. The UCC Code requires that there must be a contract for there to be a duty to perform (Rule 1-103). The Organic Constitution is the People's contract with Government. So for the city to assume I owe it something because my property was outside of a fence ON MY PROPERTY is ridiculous. I have no contract with the State, therefore no duty to perform or obey.

For the record, I do obey 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you'. I respect and care for Humans. I also care that animals, or humans do not die or go hungry on my property. That is evil for me to ignore hunger. Its not their fault Humans suck. But nature does not need humans to regulate it. It existed before us and continues without us. Thank you for your responses.

Comment by Lynn Despain on January 7, 2019 at 10:05am

Actually the Pilgrims came here not for "Religious Freedom" , that there already had in Holland. They came to America to practice Religious Exclusivity! 

As for our Nation being a Republic, it is. Common Law derives its name from laws villages had in "Common", in Old England. 

Our towns and cities use a Republican means, A Public Hearing, by elected officials representing the populace to create offences to protect the value of the whole from the few. Hence, spaying and neutering of stray animals.

The Democratic Process is in the election of these city and town officers. As a Republic, Citizens have the rights of Recalls, Initiatives, and Referendums.

When in a Court, whether as a dependent or claimant, you never have the Right to Question the Judge! That is the arena of Appeals.

The dog in question did not violate any human rights, nor does it have any. It is an animal, and under the eyes of the Law, property. Yes, the person(s) who dumped the dog is responsible under whatever applicable ordinances they have broken.

When you take in the dog, you, in effect accept whatever ordinances apply. That is the basis of Civilization!

" The Law is Without Emotion. " The true meaning behind, "All men are created equal." The

Lynn Bryant DeSpain

Comment by Jessica on January 7, 2019 at 8:51am

Democracy means 51 beats 49. That is not freedom. That is the majority exacting it's tyrannical will upon the minority. The only true crime, 'is if my rights end where your nose begins' is violated. I am not a dog rescue. Some chucklehead dumped them in my yard and left. This dog violated no Humans right to life, liberty or property. It was waiting outside of my fence on my property to get back in. Why she didn't return the way she got out is beyond me. Just because a small town elite few make rules for the majority does not mean those rules are right or just or Constitutional. More often than not, those statues are unconstitutional and only for the purposes of making the town money. If  government wants money, it should get a job like regular folks. Governments job is to serve, only. Before the government existed, humans survived and thrived. Common Law is the real law. Hale v Henkel. Not statutes, codes, ordinances. Those are for government employees. Rodriguez v Donovan. Further, Government has no jurisdiction over Humans, unless one human brings suit against another human. The STATE cannot be a victim in a crime because an accusation of a crime requires an accuser to face in Court. 

The People have gotten so far away from the true history of this experiment called America and what freedom was before government existed, that it is discouraging. We have been 14th Amendment slave citizens for so long that we don't even remember what freedom means. We actually defend our slavery to the State. Why does one man, get to rule another man? Isn't that why they tell us the pilgrims left to come here?

Comment by Lynn Despain on January 6, 2019 at 8:41pm

Mr. Garcia has an excellent point!

Our Government is corrupt. It is a cancer upon our Freedom as Citizens and our very Contitution.

One True Remedy remains to be as Citizens of our individual States. We can organize and have our States call for a "Continental Convention" to weed out the rot that has been allowed to grow in our Republican Form of Government .

Revert back to the individual States Representatives appointing its Senators. Setting the waves and benefits allowed to those we elect to represent our "Will" , in government matters.

bring the Law of the Constitution and Bill of Rights back to being the only Foundation of our Republic.

Lynn Bryant DeSpain

Comment by Gilberto Garcia on January 6, 2019 at 7:28pm

I am a Veteran, and the longer I see what is going on in Washington DC, the more I believe that our Government is more Communist, then Constitutional, our Congress will not answer questions "We The People Ask, about Communist holding office in a (oppositely) Constitutional Government! why are Communist serving in our Constitutional Government. Why are they Allowed to try to Change our Constitution with out Question or punishment. they obstruct the Government and continue in office, ate they American? or are they just anti American Communist? being allowed to continue to try to Change our Government, what right do they have to occupied a Constitutional Government office, not believing in the Constitution. The following are all Communist "Liberals, Progressives, and Socialist, and all far left Democrats. are Reds. So Americans  wake up and help us Get rid of None believers in Our Constitution.

Comment by Lynn Despain on January 6, 2019 at 1:24pm

Excellent points!

A point of fact: The American Legal System is our largest Organized Union. Our Constitution is written to protect the Common Citizen from the Government and all representation of governments.

Our Constitution was also created to protect the Common Citizen from one another. As a society made up of smaller societies, each creates rules for the members of those individual smaller and larger societies to abide by for the General Health and Welfare of all.

We have the Freedom to enjoy our music within the confines of our property. Our Freedom ends where our Neighbor begins. Our music cannot interfere with the peaceful enjoyment of their property.

You have a Human Right and a Civil Right to rescue homeless animals. If the Society in which you live requires these rescued to be spayed or neutered, it is most probable to keep more homeless animals from being created.

Our Nation and States are meant to be a Republican Form of Government. However, our small communities of towns and cities cannot help but be Democracies, based on what is best for the majority of the residents of the area.

Our Founding Fathers were aware of this when they created in our Constitution Free and Unencumbered, Unrestrained, travel and residency between the States. You are capable of seeking and moving to your own Bliss!

Lynn Bryant DeSpain

Comment by daniel allan:pendergast on January 6, 2019 at 11:30am

The UCC gives you a remedy under your right of subrogation. In other words you can claim the straw man as YOUR debtor. After all, hasn't everything registered in the straw man ALL CAPS NAME been acquired with the expenditure of your energy? 

By writing a a security agreement with the SM as the debtor and you as the Creditor and filing it with along with a UCC-1 form with the Sec. of State' Office you can claim the SM as your liened debtor with everything registered in its NAME being subject to said lien.

Just to make it clear as to your right to do this I will give an example in plain terms:

Your son comes to you with a proposition. Mom, I want to start earning money so I can go to college. I talked to the guy who owns a greenhouse and he said he would hire me evenings and weekends to make deliveries if I had a small pickup truck. I went to Joe, the car used dealer, and he has a nice little used pickup but he won't sell it to me unless I have a co-signer [surety]. Will you co-sign?

Now you're thinking, my son is going in the right direction so you go down and co-sign and Joe sells him the truck. How many contracts are involved in the transaction? Three. The first is between son [debtor] and Joe [Creditor]--if he brings in co-signer he will sell him the truck. The second is between Joe [Creditor] and you the surety- if debtor doesn't pay you, the surety [you] will. There is a 3rd contract. It is not written but it is enforceable. Its called your right of subrogation. Under the UCC, if the debtor either refuses to pay or can't pay at the time required and you are called upon to perform in the debtor's stead, you have the right of subrogation to move yourself to the position of Creditor over the debtor and collect that which you, as surety, paid.

Now lets change the parties. Govco, including the courts and granters of credit, are always the Creditors. The straw man is always the debtor. Haven't you ALWAYS been the surety for the SM? Isn't everything owned and registered in the SM NAME been the product of your surety-ship energy? By utilizing the UCC-1 filing along with the Security agreement you place yourself in the position of Creditor over the SM. By filing a UCC-3 with the same SOS you can obtain a verified statement that there are no other claims filed against that SM debtor but yours. 

There are only 2 State SOS offices that I know of that are still accepting UCC-1 filings on a straw man. Those are Washington and Kentucky. If you send a filing to all other States they will keep your filing fee and refuse to file it. They want to make it as difficult as possible. Can't have the slaves jumping board.

How does this help you if forced to go to court? When your case is called they expect you to identify yourself as the legal fiction SM that's on the court docket. That creates the presumption of the appearance of the surety. Instead of saying 'here' when the NAME is called I would say I'm present to settle this issue. The Court: Are you Jessica Smith? I'm called Jessica and I am the Creditor over the defendant JESSICA SMITH. Here is my UCC-1 and UCC-3 filing along with my Security Agreement [stipulating a lien usually in the hundreds of millions or billions of dollars owed to the Creditor--you]. I'm here as the Creditor to collect anything taken from the debtor JESSICA SMITH. As my UCC-3 indicates I am the first in time, first in line Creditor and am present to see that equity is done here today.

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