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The 4 most important petitions that deal with our rights and liberties and especially our health and lives. I believe these issues are paramount to anything else because if this madness continues, we are all soon to either be dead including our children, grand children, loved ones and family, or locked up in some FEMA camp.
If you value your life and freedom, follow through and share this note with everyone who values the same. Thank you.  (life or death issue for our children and grand children)  ( Our right to own land and be safe from those who collude to rob and steal under the color of law. If we don't stand our ground now, we soon will not have any ground to stand upon.

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Comment by Mike on March 13, 2015 at 11:12am
All very good petitions. As for our land, almost all of it has already been stolen. If any part of it has been financed, bought or sold in the last 100 years, a scam has happened. Very few "own" their property anymore. They gave away title to it in exchange for a "deed". If so, they lost possession of an "alloidal title", and are now tenants of it. Check any mortgage agreement. We are not identified as homeowners, but tenants. We buy and sell real estate but are only transferring the use of it. Nearly the same goes for everything we title, register, or license. We now own next to nothing except liabilities to the international banks. I think it can be turned around though. There are more of us than them! So yes, learn as much as we can what has, and still is going on.

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