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The October 1 Publishers Corner of the new Free American on line magazine

Table of Contents

Conditions are perfect for martial law, mass starvation and slaughter!
by John Kaminski Page 4
You Might Be Anti-Semetic If..... by Joe Cortina Page 6
Republic vs. Democracy Rule by Law vs. Rule by Majority Page 8
Navy Yard: Swat team ‘stood down’ at mass shooting scene Page 9
I Too Have Become Disillusioned By Matt Patterson, Newsweek Page 12
Mainstream waking up? “Hit the Road Barack”
Corporations Dominate Our Food System By Willie Nelson Page 13
Reflections by J.B. Campbell Page 14
Hungary Kills The Rothschild Banks: Ordered To Vacate Country. Page 16
THERMONUCLEAR WAR WITH U.S. By Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. Page 17
Democrats should not Have Guns Page 24
Treason Agasint The United States Page 25
Itis Time to Kill the Zionit Vampire Page 34
Mysterious FEMA Region lll Alert Has Folks on Edge by Lisa Cerda Page 36
FedS Describe THC Ministry Operations by Dave Smith Page 38
Solar Power Is Finally Getting Closer To Battery Storage Technology Page 39
Legalization of Cannabis Weedmaps founderJustin Hartfield: Page 40

(Epiphanies are relatively rare occurrences and generally follow a process of significant thought about a problem. Often they are triggered by a new and key piece of information, but importantly, a
depth of prior knowledge is required to allow the leap of understanding) I have always thought of myself as the canary in the coal mine. The government has been on my ass for one thing or another since I applied for and was denied admission to Officer’s Candidate School (OCS) for scoring too high on the entrance exam. (“You didn’t fail. Anyone with your IQ will question orders!”
       If my perceptions are correct, reading about the last few years in my life in “Mystery Babylon, the New World Order Unveiled” should scare the hell out of you unless you can learn from my misfortunes and plan accordingly. What you need to understand is that the government is scared to
death of people it cannot control and that number is rapidly growing.

    The other thing you need to know is that opposition to tyranny is right and although doing so will introduce you to a war as old as time itself and bring the wrath of your controllers on you, God is watching over those of us doing his work. What may seem like failure in one area could just be
the path we had to take to get to where we needed to be.

      A few months ago, I was ready to quit. Nothing seemed to be working. Everything I had warned you about over the last twenty years that they had called me a radical conspiracy theorist for saying, was now being mentioned on your mainstream media as old news.
     I use this as confirmation for my controversial theory that God is alive and well in the Twenty First Century and He uses the Internet to communicate with us. Burning bushes are just kinda passe now. But there is a down side. The Devil has a password and access to it also. He uses Domains like
Google and Facebook and lovely Nigerians, too. Sometimes what appeared to be heaven sent inspiration and support evaporated like dust in the wind. But as one door closed, another is opened.
A radio station expanded my show to two hours but then, after becoming really popular, they began to try to limit what I said. I was told not to use the J word so much when talking about liars, banksters, chemical companies and body part merchants. But when they fired me ...for fear of the
Jews, another stepped in with NO censorship. The opportunity came up when someone interested in working with me moved me to a new town to begin afresh. It provided a few months of rest and sanctuary to allow me to plan and construct my new Paradigm. If I had not moved to Corpus,
I would not have found the next piece to the puzzle!
     There is a very real war on religion, all religions. The trolls in my chat room putting down Jesus and Muslims are merely reflections of headlines of attacks increasing on Christians and Muslims from around the world. The Jewish propaganda machine cranks out half truths and innuendos to bring about the Masonic planned Third World War between the two religions and demoralize the populous.
    I looked up the word paradigm and found this about “Paradigm Paralysis” which is where we as a nation and a race find ourselves: “Perhaps the greatest barrier to a paradigm shift, in some cases, is the reality of paradigm paralysis: the inability or refusal to see beyond the current models of
thinking!” That seemed to be a good description for the problems we have as our thinking
has been constructed and controlled and we have been programmed to accept our status quo as slaves as our reality. “They don’t call TV programming for nothing” CRD
      In these short weeks of relative safety and security in a new town devoid of friends or  distractions, I got a new take, a new direction and new insight into very relevant facts. Among a multitude of epiphanies, (An epiphany (from the ancient Greek ἐπιφάνεια, epiphanies, “manifestation,
striking appearance” is an experience of sudden and striking realization.) was that nothing I had done or conclusions I had come to in the last half century had been wrong. Outrageous, impossible, frightening, ahead of its time or outside our range of experiences perhaps, but not wrong.
     One of the first was my decision to edit and update the novels and short stories I had written 45 years ago. What I wrote was considered “Science Fiction”. I cover Ancient Aliens, Atlantis, and a future where laws against victimless crimes like possession of Marijuana were abolished in 46 states. 

    Fiction no longer! You can now smoke pot in 20 or more states now without going to prison...if you bribe a doctor. The next, and most important was my decision to bring back the Free American
Magazine on line. I had tried a number of times in the ten years since my “accident” to restart it without much success. It occurred to me that I had been stuck in the Twentieth Century and had not progressed much from the good old days of exacto knives and rubber cement. On September 1
the first edition of the New Free American became available at my online store, www. Because I did not have to wait for printing, buy gasoline or pay UPS or USPS to ship, and because so much is happening so fast around the world, I could get two issues a month out. This is the third.
     The opposition didn’t quit. I sold a few copies in a few days and the second issue was ready when I got a notice from DHS controlled Google that my page had been designated an “attack page” that has malicious links and potential customers were warned off. Google was blocking my page.
    It took a week to eliminate all of the old pages they said contained malware. Funny thing, I had not updated or changed most of those pages for years. It did little to dispel my anger and frustration and I don’t blame my latest roommate for wanting to get rid of me. I found an RV park a few miles outside of Corpus Christi that I might be able to afford...if my website is not blocked and I could sell a few issues of the new mag. But God stepped in again.
    My recent show with Col. Gordon Duff (Tuesday Sept 24 Gordon Duff Veterans Today) made this even more apparent when, near the end, he said, “Clay, your Liberty Village Concept is the best hope we have for turning this whole thing around!”
     My Liberty Village Concept is so simple it may be hard for many to grasp. “Grow food, not  Grass”, power your own home with all that God Gave Us and tell the bankers, power companies and government paid bureaucrats and Zoning to “Kiss Our Collective A****!”
     The day after that I made a contact I would not have made had I not been in Corpus Christi. I found someone with an abandoned, 16 acre farm in Hill Country just outside of Fort Hood, Texas who needed help with it. Over lunch I outlined my plan for Liberty Villages that I will go into greater detail later here as a plan to house and work with Veterans.
    I have talked about the many problems our vets have been facing and the fact that suicides among Vietnam Vets outnumber the ones killed there. I can relate to them because the thought crossed my mind many nights as I slowly fell asleep... alone, staring at a gun beside me and successfully resisting the temptation to make all the bad stuff go away in an instant.
    One of the answers I sought is visible on my site and in this magazine. 20 years ago, with the first Free American magazine and radio show I helped Dr. Jake Wade start the “Little Red School House” for home schooling here in Texas. That grew into Timothy Bible College. If we had followed in the footsteps of the hundreds of independents who attended and graduated from these remarkable institutions, we would have had no Columbines or Sandy Hooks. The attacks on Jake Wade, personally and financially, after appearing on my radio show and my magazine began many years ago and continue today. These schools are an essential alternative to the schools and colleges that do
not allow guns or God into their halls but the doors swing wide for the planks of the Communist (Godless) Judean Talmudic philosophy. (Jesus burning in Hell!)

      Please do not be confused at this point if you were brought up in a so-called Judeo/
Christian environment. Those churches, if examined closely, contain a pledge to a Worshipful Master in that Masonic cornerstone. What they teach and what you and your children have been subjected to is not the teaching of Jesus but what Jake calls Churchiosity or Religiousity. If you were brought up Catholic or walked up here from Catholic dominated Mexico, you were worshiping a Graven Image of a defeated Christ hanging on the instrument of torture used to kill him.
    Let this be your epiphany. God is real and alive and intelligent. He looks nothing like Charleton Heston. He is the force that holds our atoms together. He is part of everything and he used his essence to create everything. He determines the vibratory rate of everything. When he created man, it may have been for his own amusement.
      If you are omniscient, omnipotent and the only one of your kind in this part of the Universe, you might be bored building butterflies. He created us with a spark of his divinity, gave us amnesia when he put us into this body and, like Shakespeare said, “The Whole World is a Stage.” We provide him with his excitement, intrigue, and adventure. You have heard the term, “God is Love”. Think of it as your Level Of Vibrational Energy” The more you LOVE the closer you get to the essence of GOD.
Jesus tried to tell us this. He also said “You can do what I do and more!” Jake refers to the Bible as his Answer Book. I think it is. For thousands of years we have read about and wondered about
the “Mark of the Beast” and today it is advertised on TV as an RFID chip.
     Step back from the esoteric and into practicality.
    The opportunity to create a Liberty Village upon a self-sufficient family farm has finally arrived. The location near Fort Hood facilitates the inclusion of Veterans that has always been my plan. I have spoken with the “Wounded Warriors Project” people and Veterans Today. Gordon Duff,
editor of VT suggested, if I wanted to raise money for this project I needed to form a 501C3 Corporation. No problem. Already on the board of directors of Timothy Bible College which
is an integral part of the Liberty Village Concept. I can think of no one I would rather have structure and oversee this project than Dr. Jake Wade.
    Originally I wanted each Liberty Village to house half a dozen Veterans who would otherwise be homeless, for protection. Anytime a Communist regime takes over in a country, they go after the small family farms first. But in a scene from my True Face of FEMA, Col. John Brinkerhoff of FEMA is telling law enforcement in Albuquerque how, in case of a disaster, atomic attack or a single case of smallpox in a major metropolitan area, we would need 400,000 well trained, organized troops to control the American people. A man stood up and said, “I am in the Special Forces. We were trained to go out into the jungle and teach a village how to take care of itself, its people and defend itself.
Why not just send us out into American towns?: Why not give them their own base here to protect and defend our people now under attack?

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