I've had several days to reflect back on Tuesday's election results, and the effects I believe it will have on our Country, and on those that decided to cast there ballot for the Socialist, Marxist, …

I've had several days to reflect back on Tuesday's election results, and the effects I believe it will have on our Country, and on those that decided to cast there ballot for the Socialist, Marxist, Communist, Muslim Barack Hussien Obama. By no means do I think I'm a genius, but I do feel I have common sense, which it appears over 50% of Americans don't, when it comes to politics and voting. For those over 3 million Republicans that stayed home, in protest over the Republican Party picking Mitt Romney, you are just as much at fault for the relection of Barack Hussien Obama! After 4 years of the worst economy in America's history, with our credit rating being lowered for the first time in our Country's history, unemployment at record levels for the longest consecutive time period, national debt at the highest in America's history, over 50% of Americans voted to re-elect Barack Hussien Obama! Shocking to me and many others. How bad does it have to get for Americans to realize this man hasn't a CLUE! Well we're about to find out:
1) Corporations and small businesses just in the past few days have already begun handing out pink slips to their employees, and they'll be many more in the coming months. Now that there's NO chance of Obama Care being repealed, employers are going to take business decisions in an attempt to save there business. This will result in many losing there jobs. What Barack Hussien Obama and Democrat politicians don't understand, and probably NEVER will, Govt. can pass all the taxes onto them they like, but to make up for the loss in revenue, businesses will either have layoffs to make up the difference or raise there cost to consumers. Either way we lose as Americans!
2) Supreme Court - Barack Hussien Obama in this next term will probably get 2 or 3 picks at new Supreme Court justices. Having seen the 2 prior choices by Barack Hussien Obama, there's no doubt our Country's Supreme Court will be filled by left-wing liberal justices for the remainder of our lives.
3) Energy independence is out of the question for years to come. Barack Hussien Obama's alligence to environmental groups will ensure America stays dependent on oil from the Middle East. Not only do we lose thousands of good paying jobs for Americans, but we give billions of our tax dollars to countries in the Middle East that hate America. Also we'll be paying more for gas and electricity as Barack Hussien Obama continues his assault on the coal industry. If you thought gas prices were high now, and they double in his first term, just wait until you see them after another 4 years under Barack Hussien Obama.
4) Religion - How anyone Catholic or Jewish voted this time for Barack Hussien Obama just totally dumbfounds me. His attacks on the Catholic church, and treatment of Israel should be so obvious, he's doesn't believe in the separation of Church and State. You'll notice though, he not once made any attacks towards the Muslim faith, and there's a good reason behind it. Barack Hussien Obama is a Muslim!
5) The Constitution obvious doesn't mean a thing to Barack Hussien Obama. although he swore to uphold it. The numerous appointment of Czars, which are no where mentioned in the Constitution, his many decisions to ignore laws passed by Congress and create Executive Orders to go around them, are just 2 examples of total disregard for our Country's Constitution. A third example would be passing a budget which hasn't happened the past 3 years. The Democrat controlled Senate over the past 2 years voted on Barack Hussien Obama's budget, and none of them, even Democrats, would NOT cast a vote in support of his budget.
So in conclusion, why would anyone in there right mind have cast there vote for the Socialist, Marxist, Communist, Muslim Barack Hussien Obama? You're either brain-dead politically, don't like Americas past history, or have a belief Government is the solution to America's failing economy. Whatever the answer is for casting your ballot for Barack Hussien Obama, it's apparent to me, you have your head shoved up where the sun don't shine! God Bless America!!!

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