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My fellow Americans, I wish to speak to you not as a political activist, but as a Christian. In all candor, my heart is heavy. Numerous headlines suggest that we are losing the culture war. As of January first, The Boy Scouts of America will accept gay scouts, but not gay scout masters. As expected, a move is already underway to force the Boy Scouts to accept gay scout masters as well.

Let me be clear, there has always been gay boy scouts. But when you officially accept openly gay scouts, you are in essence approving the activity.

Conservative Virginia now embraces same sex marriage.

It appears more and more people and institutions are caving to the Secular Progressive agenda.

Remember when independence, self-reliance, education and hard work were considered good honorable things? Today, such are declared selfish. Class envy, laziness and entitlement are celebrated. Compassion and morality means robbing achievers to give to non-achievers.

Youths are obsessed with becoming famous for doing nothing exceptional. A black rapper was awarded with his own TV show for having 11 babies by 10 women, none of which were his wife. The title of his reality show is “All My Babies Mamas.”

I could site numerous examples to prove the rapid deterioration of our culture, but I suspect you already know I am correct. Brothers and sisters the only thing I see that will turn us around is prayer. We must continue doing our part – getting as many conservatives elected into political office as possible. However, only God can add the increase.

It is kind of like a farmer tilling the soil and planting the seeds. God provides what is needed to make the farmer's fields grow. We must do the same; plant the political seeds and pray to God to make them grow.

Though my heart is heavy, my hope rests firmly in the Lord. May God bless and restore America.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American


Comment by Chaplain Thomas Gilbert Cole 1 second ago

A "{REPENTED}" Church will allow The Most High God(The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost)' to SAVE AMERICA!

Comment by Judy Lyford 4 hours ago

Lloyd: I pray every night. We can't give up. The Bible warns us of deceit and lies toward the end. I believe we have reached that point. God be with you.

Comment by Richie Laxton 5 hours ago

For it is time for judgment to begin]with the household of God; and if it begins with us first, what will be the outcome for those who do not obey the gospel of God? -1st Peter 4:17.

Brother Marcus, I believe the Lord is using these trying times to test and purify the Church in America. We are in the beginning stages of a "Great Awakening." All true revivals begin painfully with a "tearing down" and exposing of evil. This is a clear pattern laid out in the Old Testament every time ancient Israel repented and turned back to God. Is it mere coincidence that shortly after the National Day Of Prayer, all of these scandals broke loose in Washington DC? God himself pulled back the sheets to reveal to all what was really lying there in our national bed, so to speak. Expect more revelations and scandals. God is answering those prayers through this exposing and shaking! God is shaking this nation to its foundation and it will get much, much worse. But, here is the paradox; God's Light and the True Church will shine all the brighter. Light is the brightest when set against a backdrop of darkness. Horrible, nightmarish things are ahead for America, to be sure, but so are Biblical level miracles and waves of repentance. We of Faith are entering a time of trial and endurance. However, there is great reward for those who do not weary of doing "good deeds," who fight the good fight, and who endure to the end, holding fast to the testimony of Christ. Maranatha!

Comment by Cathryna Diana Fagervik 9 hours ago

I have been praying for so long, but think the USA is so far gone that God won't answer it.  I think we are going into Tribulation and we are going to all be Judge real soon.  These demons never listen to us and plan on the mass murder of us by the millionsssss, why eles will they have over 600 FEMA DEATH CAMPS with guilitines to chop our heads off and millionsssss of cremation coffins. Everything going on is what the Bible says the end of time would be.  I think the USA is what the Bible calls the Whore of Babylon and it don't turn out well.  I will still pray to save us but this Government is mocking the Almighty with the slaughter of the unborn and throwing them away like garbage, we even pay with our tax dollar to slaughter the unborn in other countries.  Now these States say gays can marry and be equal to man and woman whom he only aproves.  God loves his children but we are the minority now and are praying so hard for divine intervention and are presicuted by this demon ran Government.  I think Obamanation is the Anti-Christ because God told us when Obamanation was elected in 2008, the lottery numbers in Chicgo was 666. Why would the mark of the beast be in Obamacare, all Americians must get chipped.  I will never see a doctor again because I will never partake the mark of the beast, I will say off with the head and home to the father.  The problem is that people in the USA think the GOP stands with God and most are wolves and are as evil as the Dems.  Unless people open their eyes and see the truth we are so doomed.  BUSH IS ILLUMINATI AND YES HE WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR 911 AND YES HE STARTED BUILDING THE FEMA DEATH CAMPS TO MURDER MOST AMERICIANS FOR OBAMANATION.  Unless Gods children open their eyes and give the USA back to him he will not protect it,. He will only protect the true children of God, not the luke warm ones who say they are, but continue to sin.  There is so much Pagans in our churches and most will never change.

Comment by Janice Manz 9 hours ago

The pieces are assembled.  The momentum is too great. My fear is for the young people of whom will be difficult to turn around.

Comment by Cynthia Catsman 10 hours ago

Catherine - You are so right. Looked at the speed dating, and apparently the dates are round robins lasting no more than three minutes - maybe because it's based on current attention spans or maybe that's how long it takes to arrange a "hook up." Glad I'm as old as I am...

Comment by Catherine 10 hours ago

Well, CC, it stands to reason, that the dumber they (?) we get, the easier it becomes for the dark side to prevail!

Comment by Cynthia Catsman 10 hours ago

What is this? A new version of hit and run?  Just read an article that claims the western nations' populations have lost an average of 14.1 IQ points over the last 100 years. Based on an European study. This really is mirroring the movie "Idiocracy."

Comment by Catherine 10 hours ago

CC, in addition to the "hookups," here is the latest from our friends at Facebook:  Instantly Chat with Singles on Facebook-Speeddate!!!

Comment by Catherine 10 hours ago

I don't think Revelations is talking about saving a nation even if it would repent which it hasn't done.  Eventually, the fruition of Biblical prophecy will occur.  Unfortunately, the number of Christians in the UK has been surpassed by the number of Muslims and as another blogger wrote, the way of the UK is usually followed by the US.

Comment by Roc29 10 hours ago

All of these activities are for the purpose of breaking down the traditional family unit which history shows is the foundation for a ci




Chaplain Thomas Gilbert Cole

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