Forests and Chases in England and Wales, c. 1000 to c. 1850

A Glossary of Terms and Definitions

liberty                   also known as ‘franchise’, the exemption by royal decree from general provisions or regulations, whether judicial, commercial, or ecclesiastical, by which powers could be exercised and appointments made locally (e.g, within manors) by lords, burgesses, clerics, or corporations, or regionally (e.g. within honors); exemption might also be claimed as prescriptive, i.e. existing from time memorial; see also ‘palatine’

palatine, palatinate
originally pertaining to a palace, thus ‘such as have any special office or function in a sovereign prince’s palace’ (S 423); descriptive of a noble (in England a duke, earl, or bishop) having (quasi-)sovereign, princely powers and status, and hence of the area over which those powers obtained

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