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Click on the image to educate yourself -- May God bless and keep you in His arms. ============= From: "Liberty Counsel" <> To: <> Subject: Thomas, America needs you more than ever! Date: Wed, 7 Aug 2013 18:40:19 -0500 Mathew D. Staver, Founder and Chairman Liberty Counsel 8/7/2013 While our national security is at its highest risk since the attacks on the Twin Towers, Barack Obama perpetuates the cover-up of the last major attack we suffered. While our nation's heritage of religious freedom is systematically undermined, Barack Obama actively protects and even promotes the interests of radical Islam. This reckless endangerment of our nation must be confronted! Liberty Counsel's vision is to "Restore a New Birth of Liberty" in 2013. If we take action now, we can restore freedom, individual responsibility, equal opportunity, natural marriage, moral values, national sovereignty, and recognition of our Christian heritage, while also restoring our national security. But it will take all of us working together! We are challenging our nation's pastors and patriots to unabashedly speak the truth without fear of government retribution or pushback from radical activists. Please see my vitally important message below - Mat. Thomas, The signs of the United States' shocking decline are all around us. While our national security policies are being tested worldwide by Muslim radicals resulting in the closure of 22 embassies last weekend, our President makes a stop at the Tonight Show to promote his failed policies and field softball questions chosen for their entertainment value. Congress passed a bill without reading it - and now that they've read it, they don't want to participate in it! And while a growing majority of Americans say they oppose ObamaCare, Congress dared to give itself and its staffers a "get out of ObamaCare free" card at taxpayers' expense. And while the IRS, Benghazi, and NSA scandals would undermine most presidencies and be grounds for impeachment, Barack Obama calls them "phony scandals," hits the campaign trail, and buys time for his administration to devise its next diversionary tactic. ++To every man and nation comes the moment to decide! I have never felt as compelled as I do right now to unreservedly speak out against the radical activists who are destroying our nation with unconstitutional mandates and tyrannical power grabs. Then again, there has never been such a major push to "fundamentally transform" our nation into a socialist state, throw off Judeo-Christian values, and reject the constitutionally based rule of law. We must face the truth: Barack Obama is a Muslim sympathizer who has done more to support America's enemies and marginalize our nation's core values than any other president in our history. ++Pastors and patriots: It's time to rise up! As a former pastor and head of one of America's leading public-interest law firms, I understand first-hand the challenges faced by our nation's pastors and church leaders in motivating, empowering, and engaging believers to play an active role in the political process. Yet, America needs our nation's believers' involvement now more than ever - especially leading up to the 2014 mid-term elections. But far too many of our nation's pastors and patriots are not engaged in our republic's political processes. A recent study of self-identified "theologically conservative pastors" by the Center for the Study of American Culture found these truly disturbing facts: *Just 44% of these pastors will strongly encourage their congregations to vote and get involved in next year's pivotal elections. *Another 20% said they "probably would." *30% said they weren't sure what they will do, and 6% said they would not encourage their congregations to participate. In these perilous times, it is simply not permissible for over half of our nation's theologically conservative pastors to be lukewarm or uninvolved when it comes to America's public policy discourse! Something must be done or the American church will be as irrelevant in restraining evil as the German church was during the pre-World War II years leading up to the National Socialist take-over! Thomas,I don't want any pastor or patriot to say, "I could have done more to protect life, liberty, marriage and our Christian heritage!" I have been excited to offer Liberty Counsel's special Action Pack containing a DVD entitled "Silence is Not an Option" over the past few days - and the response has been very encouraging. This Action Pack belongs in every church in America, every Bible study in your community, every civic organization in your town, and for that matter, every patriot's home - and that goal cannot be achieved quickly enough. We want to unleash America's pastors and patriots to boldly speak the truth to this get Americans who are concerned with the moral decline of our nation fully engaged in the political confront the social and moral tectonic shift in America.and to get every believer to the polls in 2014 when we pray that true conservatives will take control of both chambers of Congress. Thomas, I am asking you and tens of thousands of other Liberty Counsel Action team members to stand in the gap for our nation as pastors and patriots overcome the misinformation the enemies of freedom have spread for many, many years now. PLEASE consider making a special gift to Liberty Counsel to acquire 5, 10, 20, or even more of these powerful Action Packs to distribute to pastors, church leaders, and ministries in your circle of influence. Go here to help launch this vital campaign: a href="">; We want to empower the very people and organizations that the ACLU, People for the American Way, and other radical groups have attempted to silence in the public square. Would you help? Click here to order your very own set or more to distribute to others. a href="">; ++It is ESSENTIAL that every believer addresses the spiritual, moral, and political issues of our day armed with the proper information! The fact is, America's greatness has always been rooted in the values taught from America's pulpits. If pulpits are silent, the church is silent. Silencing people of faith in the public square has always been the goal of radical "progressive" groups! But we must stand together, united in our cause, in order to usher in God-inspired change! It's time to encourage a New Birth of Liberty in America before it's too late! To help you, your pastor, or any American patriot and Bible-believing individual fulfill the high calling of fearlessly speaking the truth, this Action Pack answers important questions about the ways in which churches and individual believers can confront the leftist assaults on America head-on. This is a vital resource for every ministry and believer in America! If you have already ordered one or more of these special Action Packs, please pass this message along to your like-minded friends and associates. There are few things you could do that would be more effectual in restoring our decimated culture! The DVD entitled "Silence is Not an Option" and The Patriot's Handbook of Political Action for Pastors and Churches are two invaluable resources, compiled through decades of experience defending the rights of pastors, church leaders, and leaders of non-profit organizations, address these pivotal issues of concern and dispel the myths that have intentionally been introduced into our public discourse. Both are included in the Action Pack. And please, pray for our nation regularly. These are crucially important times! Click here for more information: a href="">; God bless you, as always, for standing with us! Mathew D. Staver, Founder and Chairman Liberty Counsel P.S. Help us stop the reckless policies of this corrupt administration and ignite a new revolution of liberty in America! Order your copies of the DVD "Silence is Not an Option" and The Patriot's Handbook of Political Action for Pastors and Churches. Our powerful Action-pack containing these vital resources is yours for a gift to Liberty Counsel of just $10. I pray you will deliver this powerful Action Pack to pastors and other leaders throughout your community and in other parts of your sphere of influence! Thank you and God bless you! a href="">; Facebook a href="">; Email a href="">; Twitter a href="">; More... a href="">; + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + (Note: Please do not "reply" directly to this e-mail message. This e-mail address is not designed to receive your personal messages. ?To contact Liberty Counsel with comments, questions or to change your status, see the link at the end of this e-mail.) + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + Comments? Questions? a href="">; Liberty Counsel, with offices in Florida, Virginia and Washington, D.C., is a nonprofit litigation, education and policy organization dedicated to advancing religious freedom, the sanctity of human life and family. Liberty Counsel . PO Box 540774 . Orlando, FL 32854 .800-671-1776 Click here a href="">; f=22246> to be removed from this list or send a written request to: Liberty Counsel PO 277 Maxwell,IA 50161 You are signed up as: Click here to change your email address. a href="">>; a href="">>; a href=""> 83f69a933a99be97c7&s=31461691&c=GFIR22246> =============

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