America was founded as a republic with strict limitations of police power and an emphasis on liberty of the individual. The God-given natural Rights of the people were recognized in law and the Bill of Rights was insisted upon in the first Convention, passed by the first Congress, and ratified by the States by 1791. All sworn officers of the United States and the states are duty bound to respect and enforce those limitations on government power, no matter how inconvenient they may be to their jobs.

Whenever a law enforcement officer enforces an unconstitutional law it undermines our republic; whittling away at everybody's liberty, usurping our power, and weakening our republic; this needs to stop and the people need to start insisting that it does.

When I was a little boy in Detroit, Michigan, I remember cops in my neighborhood. The officers were always friendly and gave me the sense that they were a force for good. They were "gumshoes" and walked a beat in the neighborhood and throughout their day interfaced with the community; the best public relations a city can have. I had no fear of walking up to one and saying hello or asking him for help; the thought never even crossed my mind that they were somehow against me or my best interest.

Now officers patrol in squad cars, separated from the people and seeing mostly the evil in society. A sense of us versus them has replaced the friendly chats and goodwill and for the most part today, they are viewed as a threat to liberty and property. I can’t help but look at them with mistrust since I've experienced the violation of my God-given natural rights multiple times at their hands.

The oath to support the Constitution means something to people who only desire to pursue their dreams and happiness... it's not a formality to get the job but an obligation to perform a specific duty. It's not an obligation to be entered into lightly or flippantly, which I feel a lot of officers do today; especially when many of them never bother to read the document they swore an oath to abide by; guess it's too much homework or something inconvenient or perhaps too dangerous considering how the chain of command seems to wipe their collective asses with it.

Since I was 15 years-old I have experienced injustice of the judicial system in multiple jurisdictions; many times for just not having enough money in my pocket at some given time and place. It is a real sore point with me and my sense of justice was crushed by petty tyrants wearing black robes acting like gods.

Now you have a picture of one of the main reasons I have dedicated all of my adult life, learning about and seeking the restoration of this republic. To me, there is nothing more important than this. If we fail to restore justice and integrity in our system of government, future generations will curse us as the generation that killed America through apathy and neglect.

I knew writing this piece would raise the ire of many people, particularly cops, but restoring the republic is going to involve confronting those things that are destroying it. The rule of law must be restored and the law respected; unjust and unconstitutional laws cause the opposite.

That kid in 1962 trusted the cops and viewed them as something good about the world... now that I'm a man I view them with apprehension and fear for my liberty; not because I violated some law, but because I despise globalism and its takeover of our republic... guess who is enforcing that takeover, either knowingly or ignorantly.

It saddens me immensely that I cannot trust ANY officer today that I don't know personally... I have just been burned too many times and witnessed dozens of my friend's lives ruined. A cop in my rear-view mirror instills fear in me; instead of feeling protected I feel controlled.

Being human, I know cops have a conscience and should use it and trust it when they are being asked to do something against it. The future of every person they confront on a day-to-day basis depends on their judgment in the field, long before that person ever sees a judge.

I've heard the argument that I must challenge a law to get it overturned and if the system had integrity that would work, though few Americans can afford the costs associated with justice these days and just suffer injustice rather than bankrupt their family.

I still believe an overtly unconstitutional law should NOT be enforced. An officer sworn to defend the Constitution is not doing so when enforcing a law he/she damn well knows is wrong.

Doing your duty under the Constitution is not supposed to make your life easier... it is supposed to protect the liberties of those you serve, the people.

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