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Dies a woman have a right to choose? The answer is a resounding yes but there are some limitations. A woman has a right to choose to do whatever she wants as long as her decision does not cause harm to another human being.

A woman does not have a right to lie, cheat or steal and she does not have a right to terminate the life of her husband or the life of her unborn baby. A baby is not a wart of a tumor that she can have surgically removed. The unborn  baby is a future human being that has the same right to life as its mother or father.

Powers not delegated to Congress are prohibited and abortion is an issue that was not mentioned in the Constitution and is therefore reserved to the states. Congress has no lawful authority to pass laws legalizing or criminalizing abortion. It is an issue reserved to the states.

The final arbiter of what is and what is not Constitutional is a decision to be made by the state legislators.

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