Let me say this, I have learned a valuable lesson from this election, which was not an election at all, but more of a RAMPANT FRAUD decision.  My heart breaks for this great country and those who put up such a valiant fight to keep it as it is and better it and I'm am one of those people.  My feeling is, if this was a real, true to life, American election I would say "ok I'm beaten, get on with it" but the fact is it was no such thing.  You no longer have a "news media" you now have COMMUNIST YELLOW JOURNALISM, that started in Russia many yrs ago, this type media only tell you WHAT THEY FEEL YOU SHOULD KNOW AND THE REST IS LIES and unfortunately there are so many HYPNOTIZED, STUPID, PSUEDO AMERICANS AND THOSE WHO KEEP THIER HEADS IN THE SAND in this country now, they believe anything they see in print, "WELL, IF THE MEDIA SAYS IT, THEN IT MUST BE SO" this election was FRAUDULENTLY WON because things that were right out there in front of thier eyes went ignored by them and no one BOTHERS TO "SEEK" THE TRUTH ANYMORE.  

America will suffer for this and we the people will suffer for this but I keep hearing everyone say, okay in 4yrs we'll try again, but why don't I hear people saying I WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS, I WANT TRUTH AND REALITY, I WANT TO SEE THE VOTES, I WANT A RECOUNT, I WANT THE MILITARY VOTES COUNTED of which they were not, hundreds of thousands of them were in a warehouse in DC already filled out and ready to go for ROMNEY, and then the convenient PLANE CRASH carrying more absentee ballots to the military, so very convenient for the OVOMIT and his minions.

When did the people of this nation become COMPLAICENT FOOLS who allow themselves to be kicked around by LIARS, FRAUDS, SQUATTERS AND COMMUNISTS ????  If this was back in my fathers days in the 50' & 60' and maybe even the early 70's NO ONE WOULD HAVE STOOD STILL FOR THIS FRAUD, LIAR, COMMUNIST AND MARXIST LEADING THIS COUNTRY.

America has now become another 3rd world nation, a banana republic as they say, a nation of FRAUD at our polls and intimidation going unchecked, so as an American to the bone I will continue to fight this with every ounce of energy I have and I beg the still standing Americans who are still real Americas to stand with me.       

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