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Keith offered:  Before the ratification of the 14th Amendment the people were free, but after it was ratified all of the people born or naturalized in the United States became Citizens of the United States and subject to its jurisdiction

Key offers:  The 14th is only the idea of the Congress expressed by written words in representation of that idea.  The written words of Congress are called Legislation when those words pass the requisite test proscribed before publishing for the people to see.  That some idea of the Congress is published under the banner of the Constitution simply does not give the promoters and regulators of the mechanisms developed in relation to that idea any more capacity to impose on the rights of the people than they had BEFORE offering that idea to the people.  No additional powers are granted to the federal government by Amendment XIV, the expression of an idea of the government, than it had prior to that amendment.  The federal government, Congress, has not the capacity to increase its power of its own accord nor to reach subjects is could not reach prior to it writing some additional words on paper any more than a child can write his own slip giving permission for his attendance of a class trip.   But the words of Congress do have the power of persuasion over those who are subject to persuasion, The power of persuasion, offered through Legislation, provides certain people an opportunity to BELIEVE that the government has a power over them which it had not before and they go on to believe that they must comply with the full expression of the suggestion.  Nothing can be further from the truth.  Nobody is obligated in any manner to ascribe to the idea of citizenship posed by Amendment XIV, and that expression has NOTHING to do with the place of ones birth.  The United States which is spoken of by Amendment XIV is the government, not the land and one simply cannot have been delivered to the jurisdiction of a government by live birth.  "Born", in the context of Amendment XIV simply does not mean having come to this life by birth. furthermore 'persons' are legal fictions and do not experience birth, but they are born, they are carried and supported by government for the fact that they all arise there by function of being defined within Legislation expressing the ideas which are statute.  There exists not one single man whom is a citizen of the United States except to the degree that he does acts cognizable as acts in representation of that status class. Nobody IS a citizen of the United States any more than they are an Elks Club Member or a Boy Scout or a Marine.  That offered by Amendment XIV is a membership in a status group of benefit privilege recipients, it is a franchise with both benefits and obligations.  Ignorant fools that they are, the people go about busying themselves with filing out forms and swearing oaths to the new low class citizenship of privilege as is offered by the government for people to take advantage of.  Taking advantage of a program which places one as a disadvantage is a benefit, though it certainly is neither beneficial or providential except to the gain of that government and at the expense of the people's freedom, rights and property. 

Keith offered:  The 14th Amendment gave the Federal government the authority to completely control the people and dominate the states. Most people think that the reconstruction happened only in the southern states, but it affected everyone in all of the states.President Lincoln did not save the Union, he dismantled the Constitution and destroyed the Republic

Key offers:  Amendment XIV did not GIVE OR PROVIDE OTHERWISE any damned thing to the federal government that it didn't already have.  The government simply does not have the ability to make an additional power for itself out of the limited power it already has.  It does, however have the ability to express an idea by which others may form agreement and act under the suggestion of it so to SUBJUGATE THEIR RIGHTS and property to the government. That is what Amendment XIV offered . . . a set of privileges inferior to the penultimate rights the people already had and the greedy nature in man, seeking to get something for nothing, caused most of them to flock to the dust filled plump tits of the government and now they choke on that dust  dust and complain.  Well folks, it is time to stop sucking on the government tit and go back home to to the boring but powerful rights you were born with, instead of the signed up for privileges which the government doles out as if something special. The constitution is not dismantled and the Republic is not destroyed.  The people abandoned both by setting aside their birthright power in lieu of the regulated privileges which they adopted and continue to adopt as offered for their use as a prosthetic citizenship thought up, written down, published by the Congress intended for use by the free folk who formerly were slaves.   Full right Whitey was not the intended subscribing settler for the New Plantation which Congress, the United States, offered as shelter for the ex-slaves by and through the legal construction expressed by Amendment XIV.  It seems Whitey did not get the message of Dred Scott . . . . .  AND STILL HAS NOT GOTTEN IT.     Wake up American citizens and cast off the second class status you have cloaked yourselves in.   

Free men wearing voluntary servant costumes are those whom occupy the United States of America and they look to blame everyone and everything other than themselves, where the blame squarely lies. 


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