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America Again! supports the National Liberty Alliance

Here is AmericaAgain!'s position on the NLA, from founder David Zuniga:

AmericaAgain! believes that National Liberty Alliance is an excellent endeavor; we support NLA as best-in-class just as we support Oath Keepers as best-in-class for restoring the even more fundamental constitutional duty, Citizen Militia.

As NLA states on their website, “Our goal is to educate and organize in your county to reinstate and initiate the Common Law Grand Jury.” The Grand Jury is a key aspect of restoring our land, and no one makes this case better than Jason W. Hoyt in his book, Consent of the Governed.

Grand juries will need cases, of course, and the AmericaAgain! Indictment Engine™ will bring to grand juries felony cases against members of Congress and State legislators. There is far more to restoring America than bringing criminal indictments after grand juries do their duty. Please read THIS page and our FAQ page on the AmericaAgain! website to see how we plan to…

1) Finally ratify the original First Right in the Bill of Rights (reduces congressional district size from current 800,000+ people to no more than 50,000 people)

2) Remove Congress from Washington DC (they work from a single modest office in their district; half their present pay; limited to two terms and staff of two; no benefits or pensions)

3) Launch the AmericaAgain! Indictment Engine™ to bring specific felony cases against legislators (State and federal) to the Grand Jury on a regular basis

4) Write and push through enactment these 21 other sweeping reform laws to restore all that DC organized crime has taken from us

AmericaAgain! is a new way of life for responsible Americans; creating, defining, and leading informed popular sovereignty. We do not lightly endorse any organization, but we do support these two vital organizations and hope that Americans appreciate the necessity of all three efforts working together to exercise true popular sovereignty for the first time in history.

David M Zuniga

Founder & CEO,

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