America, We the People MUST turn to Almighty God in this day to overcome the raft of evil that is infesting our nation. After the latest school shooting the liberals are spouting their typical solution, gun control. Gun control isn't about guns at all, it is about control of We the People. Tyrants in political office , their financial backers/puppet masters, the leftist media, and their moronic leftist allies, mostly hollywood and music industry ultra wealthy elitists, want We the People unable to resist when they come to enslave and then slaughter us. History has shown time and again that the first thing a sadistic tyrant does is to disarm the people so they have no way of resisting the tyranny about to be imposed upon them. Our nation's problems can be solved by turning back to God, as people and as A people. Liberals have removed Almighty God from public discourse and then ask "where was God when this happened?" but the Holy Bible teaches us that God only enters in where He is invited and only stays where He is welcomed. Liberals have removed God from every aspect of public life, instead preferring to honor and worship satan. Christianity is derided by liberals while they openly accept, and even push, the satanic cult of islam in public schools and other public forums. Homosexuals are the most foolish of all liberals. While they denigrate Christians as "haters" for refusing to accept homosexuality as an "alternative lifestyle" they never criticize "peace loving" islamists who are well known for hanging homosexuals or throwing them off rooftops to their deaths. I cannot begin to understand the mindset of the homosexual community based on their twisted sense of love and hate. Just recently some Olympic athletes have come out and said we must accept their lifestyle as normal but I won't. I have no hatred of them but will never accept their lifestyle as an alternative to what Almighty God established, no matter what the cost. I feel sorry for them because I know what the deception they live under means for their eternity. I will pray for them and try to lead them to repentance when I can, and do so as kindly as possible because I have no animosity towards them. Their tactic of in your face hatred for all things and people of God isn't doing them or their "cause" any favors, however, and is only alienating people. They are welcome to live lives as they wish but demanding that the people of God bow to it is another thing all together. They say they want "equality" but what they really want is to use political and legal coercion to force people to turn away from God and praise their beliefs.

And let's talk about the blacks in America. The radical hateful ones among them call conservatives "haters". They too use the common black persons as useful idiots to attain and keep power over their own race without the "common" blacks realizing they are being used and subjugated. After more than 50 years of being told they will be given better status the majority of the black population is still poor and dependant on the "benevolence" of politicians, black and white, and their "activist" allies.   And after the more than 50 years of manipulation blacks as a people overwhelmingly vote for democrats, the founders of the KKK, and creators of the Jim Crow laws and segregation. A little research will give them the truth, truth many of them don't want to know, about the passage of the Voting Rights and Civil Rights Acts of the 1960's. People like jesse jackson, al sharpton, and the blacks now in Congress definitely don't want them knowing the truth. Republicans passed both of those bills despite filibusters and unanimous opposition from the democrat party. Lyndon Johnson, the main and most outspoken opponent of voting rights for blacks when in Congress, signed the bills passed by Republicans when he was the president after they showed him a veto would be overridden by a substantial margin. Johnson signed both bills after stating that his doing so "would have niggers voting democrat for 200 years". So far he has been correct as democrats get 98% of the black vote in national elections. I have done extensive research into the voting on those bills and have included the numbers in previous blog articles published here: It saddens me that I know more about the history of blacks in America than most blacks know but such is the state of our education system over the last 50 years. Students aren't educated, especially black students, they are indoctrinated into communism by people who seek to enslave the entire world. It was Christian conservatives and Republican politicians that did away with slavery, Jim Crow, and segregation but you won't hear the truth from the democrat party nor their cohorts in tyranny.

Planned Parenthood is a money laundering scheme of the democrat party originally started with the idea of eradicating the black race from America. It is conservatives striving to end the murder of unborn children of God, mostly black babies, while the democrat party and their establishment allies in the gop strive to increase the tax dollar support of the murder. Christian conservatives seek to preserve the lives of all babies while the liberals who brand us as "haters" do everything they can to give more tax money to murderers. And the same people, like jesse jackson and al sharpton, who give us the "hands up don't shoot" lie about police officers say nothing about the genocide of black babies nor the daily murder of blacks by other blacks because neither narrative would put money in their pockets or more power in their grasp. None of today's "civil rights activists" would be able to face Dr. Martin Luther King if he was still alive because they go totally against the policy of a man truly interested in civil rights. King was not a democrat as many like to claim now. He knew who his allies were and who was against what he was trying to do.

Gun control was first introduced by the KKK members in Congress to disarm blacks and to ensure there would be no viable opposition to attacks on blacks after the Civil War. Now, I believe, it is a much more sinister and widespread conspiracy to enslave and slaughter all of We the People. Just as most of Adolph Hitler's supporters became victims of his insane barbarity liberals will themselves become victims of the insane barbarians now calling for the disarmament of We the People. Of course, the liberal media, hollywood, and music industry pukes won't be affected because they live behind big walls and have paid security guards who won't be disarmed. This isn't rocket science, folks, it is simple to see and simple to figure out but difficult to make the willfully blind see. The Nazi war criminal, george soros, is behind most if not all of the gun grabbers. soros began his fortune by betraying fellow Jews to the Hitler regime. He was paid to turn the Jews in and was also allowed to keep many of their possessions once they had been "arrested" by the Gestapo. soros should have been hanged as a war criminal after WWII but he bought his way out by bribing key politicians and other officials. His goal now is to destroy this nation and remake it into a puppet state of his New World Order. Fuhrer barak hussein obama moved the soros plan along further than any other he had bought and hillary clinton was to finish the "fundamental transformation" of America into the puppet dictatorship but We the People turned out in droves to vote for Donald Trump, and prayed fervently asking Almighty God to deliver us from the evil clinton intended to complete. Those prayers were answered with the election of Donald Trump.

As millions of We the People prayed , repented, and began to live 2 Chronicles 7:14 Almighty God did what the verse said He would do. He heard our prayers, forgave our sin, and began to heal our land. We still have more to do to solve our problems but the main answer is to continue praying, living repentant lives, and looking to God to help us. We the People must also be active in opposition to tyranny on a daily basis because all of us have a role in turning the nation back to what it was founded to be, a shining city on a hill. I am doing my best to turn things around, educating people via my blog articles, praying, and living a right life. God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because Lot could not find 5 righteous men. I don't know how many it will take to prevent the destruction of America but I believe there are enough if all believers will do what Scripture tells us to do, and our land will be totally healed rather than allowed to be destroyed. The question is, are you in it to win it or will you be content to live under tyranny? Liberal trolls who read this will immediately ridicule and denigrate me in a vain attempt to deny the facts but there is no way for them to deny facts, all they can do is ridicule and disparage me in hopes others will fear the same treatment and cower away out of fear. The trolls try to inject things that are irrelevant because in their diseased minds they think their irrelevant diatribe somehow negates what I write. Don't be fooled or intimidated by those people, they are merely deceived and deranged by their "god", satan, and will likely never be able to comprehend the truth because truth is beyond their ability to accept!!!!! America needs God and unless We the People make a concerted effort to restore Him to His rightful place our liberty will be lost to an evil worse than anything the world has seen previously with nothing to stop it until Jesus comes back. Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and secular humanism are not the answer. Political correctness, a disease prevalent in our nation today, is secular humanism, which is a lie straight out of hell that says every individual has a "right" to determine what is good and what is evil according to their own personal values. The Holy Bible says different, that God says what is good and what is not. Liberals want to proclaim themselves as god and deny the one true Almighty God, Creator of all things.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

Bob Russell

Claremore, Oklahoma

March 18, 2018

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