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About 5 years ago, I remember watching a report on the news by Diane Sawyer on the subject of drones.  I realized at that point that nothing has really changed on this planet for the past century, just the players and technology. Allow me to explain. Back in history during World War II, a German solider, nazi, spends his work day or on duty shift at one of the death camps where the people, men, women, children and babies are being murdered by the thousands on a daily basis. Weather this solider is directly involved with the slaughter of the people or not, he is still a part of the death machine. His shift is up for the day so he heads for home since he lives near by. He gets home to sit down and have dinner with his family, wife and children. How was your day at work honey? Today, an American drone pilot heads off to his work day at the office. Could be an office building in LA, SF, maybe NY or any major city. He sits down in front of a screen and blows things up and kills people, men, women , children and babies by the push of a button some 15,000 miles away on the other side of the world. He finishes his shift for the day and heads home to sit down to have dinner with his family, wife, mother and his children. How was you day at work honey? Something very dark, scary and evil about this picture. With this in mind, those of you who know of Alex Jones at had a contest for the best film on the subject of the truth and what is really going on in this country and the world. This began in January of this year. 1st place winner was worth $100,000 on down to 3rd place that I believe was about $1500. I thought that the 2nd place film should have gotten 1st place, but I could understand why the 1st place film got chosen. The link below is the 2nd place winner which you will see why I posted my story above. I also decided to post a link to the first place film which is exactly what is happening today right now. I would say enjoy, but they are there to wake the people up.


The Purge

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