Are Liberals Space Aliens or Just mental Defectives?

Are Liberals Space Aliens or Just Mental Defectives?


Democracy or rather, our representative republic is the worst form of government on the planet…except for all the others.  As a necessary evil it is definitely the cream of the crap.  San Francisco liberals, (aliens?) have actually declared that our system of government is so defective and so broken that it cannot be repaired and must be destroyed and replaced.  What is abundantly clear is that they would completely replace it with the same totalitarian statism that they have used to destroy the one we have.  Who would do such a thing?

Well, someone who had just arrived on planet Earth from the vast reaches of space without the slightest sense of man’s history might make such an ill-conceived suggestion.  Someone with no idea that man’s governments have been the single greatest cause of human death above all others might also be so naive. If there is some alien race out there comprised of beings with an overpowering sense of self-righteousness, a crippling Napoleon complex, a judgmental attitude toward everyone else, an appreciation of deviant sex and morals then they might well be so idiotic.   Such misguided ideas could only be conceived without the hindsight to see the complete government failures that are represented by the Post Office, Medicare, social security, Amtrak, border security, The United Nations, TARP, the Dept of Energy, The Federal Reserve, or any of the hundreds of other governmental disasters.  If hunters from an alien world came looking to kill liberty, religious freedom, free enterprise, entrepreneurial opportunities, self-reliance, and rebellious, tenacious spirits who value severe limits on government intervention, then this land of opportunity would be their playground.  They would have to be a race of beings that had no concept of the idea that people own themselves and are not owned by government or other people.

On the other hand, if those of that distorted mindset were simply mental defectives or “f#cking retards” as political psychiatrist Rahm Emanual referred to them, then perhaps we should consider some sort of IQ or sanity test before someone be permitted to vote.  Such a test might also be appropriate for anyone publishing or being published in an impartial newspaper.  Just imagine a mental disorder that would cause an otherwise rational human being to believe that the government could competently run an entire medical system when it has proven that any program, committee, department, industry, money or anything it has ever attempted to handle has been a complete failure.  Consider the incapacitating illness that must afflict someone who would turn our Founding Documents on their heads to assert that our rights come from government and the government should decide who gets those rights and what they are.  Such ideas could only stem from the insane notion that the governments own their citizens.  These are thoughts and ideas that display a complete lack of knowledge that other than killing and incarcerating the guilty or the enemies, governments are only destructive to honest, decent people.  What manner of mental defective fails to see that governments only have the capabilities to make things worse for their citizens and that only the citizens themselves have the ability to improve or correct things?

There is the remote possibly that liberals are actually biological anomalies like mules,  or mutants such as animals born without brains or other vital organs but there seems to be little evidence for this theory.  These poor, tortured creatures seek only to destroy the land and Constitution of our Founders.  Their visceral hatred of free speech, religion, self defense, education, our military, their own unborn children, business, free choice, God, sovereignty, morals, and free thought is what seems to drive them.  They apparently believe that government should be in total control of all these for all citizens and they must be a miserable lot whatever the cause.  If they are in fact, disturbed creatures from beyond our skies then maybe we can find something they can offer us besides our own demise.  If, however, they are simply a gaggle of Dr. Emanual’s f#cking retards then maybe we should erect fences around their global warming smoke and mirror institutions to contain them until an effective cure can be found.


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7 March 7, 2010

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