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Are we about to shut down' again? shutting down' again? I just read in the paper that Fauci says states with major outbreaks should 'seriously look at shutting down' again. He must be referring to Texas, Florida,& California and maybe others. What have you all heard and how will it effect you?

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Comment by Robert Becker on October 1, 2020 at 5:20am

I do my best not to let it affect me. I refuse to comply with this idiocy. Masks are completely useless. Virus do not get larger than .3 microns. Even the n95 masks will only stop or protect from a .5 micron item. Viruses pass right through the mask. Shutdowns, even if you believe they would accmplish anything are a violation of everyone's right. From the person wanting to go out into society to engage in business or just personal interactions the government does not have the right to say you cant. The moment they steal that right they have thrown out their own constitutional viability and become a dictatorship.

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