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Battered Republicans


For some time now, I have looked upon the Republican rank and file and noticed some very troubling signs and behaviors.  I’ve seen an edginess, a solemnity, a…a...seriousness that has not always been apparent.  Then I was struck by something so obvious that it been hidden in plain sight.  REPUBLICAN VOTERS ARE BEING ABUSED BY THEIR OWN PARTY!  It seemed like such an epiphany that I immediately posted it to the blog I visit daily, and sure enough, I was met with instant outrage and was immediately shunned by some.  That is when I knew I had it right.

Wanting to investigate further I visited a website where they laid out the symptoms of abused spouses, (spice?).  Let’s face it; until recently with the superb examples set by Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, the Republicant Party has been pretty pathetic and apathetic to the needs of constitutionalists.  Yet so many not only chose to stay in the party but to defend it as well.  Below I’ve pasted in ten signs of abuse and followed each with real-life examples I’ve witnessed in battered Republicans.

10 red flags, signs and symptoms of abuse


January 10, 2010

Here are 10 red flags, signs, and symptoms a person may suffer abuse or be       involved in an abusive relationship.

1. Partner always speaks on behalf of his/her spouse, without acknowledging their feelings or emotions.

How often has George Bush, John McCain or some other RINO sought to grant amnesty to illegal aliens, raised the debt ceiling, or otherwise acted completely contrary to will of the Republicans who elected them?  Is that not speaking on our behalf, regardless of how we feel about it?

2. Abused person “covers” for their partner or spouse, by constantly making excuses for their “bad day” or “lack of sleep” or their “just not feeling like themselves.”

It is becoming such a cliché to hear that McCain was a war hero or that some other crackpot with an “R” after his name violates the Constitution, as doing what needs to be done yet, again.

3. A woman may seem overly anxious or nervous.

Just recall all the shrieks that can be heard when one attempts to lay out a case for a much-needed 3rd party!  Republican loyalists have gotten so nervous about the demise of their precious party that many are in a constant state of anxiety.

4...A woman may jump or startle easily at the sound of loud noises, or shy away from arguments that do not involve them. May demonstrate a panic response that seems excessive for the situation.

Again, look at the hysteria that ensues at the mere mention of Ron Paul or anyone qualified for office that may be considered outside the RINO mainstream.

5. A woman remains or begins to shy away from others, becomes increasingly isolated.

More than one Republobot has essentially walked away from discussions that suggest others will refuse to vote for their “lesser of 2 evil” candidates.  Your humble scribe has been thrown off several “patriot” websites for merely suggesting such a thing.

6. A woman may have an increasing number of illnesses or ailments that are not easily explained by the medical community, including depression.

And irrational anger!

7. An increase in substance abuse, commonly alcohol and drug use.

Seriously, can any of us honestly say that the current Republicant Party HASN”T driven us to drink?

8. Poor self-esteem. Often the self-esteem is very, very low.

This is often heard as, “Well, he was the candidate the people chose.  Obviously that is the best candidate and we get what we deserve”.

9. A woman may not be able to see friends without being in the presence of her partner, or may not have “permission” to use the phone. Something may happen to her phone.

“All my friends vote Republican and if you are a patriot you’ll do the same.  To do otherwise is a vote against America”

10. A woman may not have permission to drive, go to school or advance her career, do things that would allow her to become independent.

 Abused Republican loyalists don’t even want to hear about another candidate who        has not been approved by their party. 


Now this is not to say that ALL Republicans are abused and battered by the party.  I’m sure that most liberals and other RINO types get along quite nicely ion their relationship with the party.  But this is a plea to all those who see the above symptoms in themselves and others.  Please seek help, it is available.  Begin by reading and listening to everything you can obtain by Mark Levin, Andrew Breitbart, Ann Coulter, Ayn Rand, and George Orwell.  It is not too late.  You are on your way already just by being to the right of the Democrat Party.  But please get cured quickly, I’m not sure how much longer America and our Constitution can hold out.




© Bobby XD9

28 November 2013

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