My late momma taught my siblings and I to never put family business in the street. However, my Tea Party family must deal with this issue if we are to accomplish our mission to halt Obama's tyranny and transformation of America into his socialist/progressive dream. The issue of which I speak is unity.


Early in our Tea Party movement four years ago, I was shocked to encounter turf wars and various selfish agendas. The people, the patriots who invest time and money for the movement, are not the problem. I am talking about some in leadership positions.
Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American
Chairman, Conservative Campaign Committee


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I also want to be part of the solution! God Bless America & ALL of Her People
I'm here ! I'm ready. I'm willing. Vote tea in the house. Vote tea in the senate. Watch out for fakes. Look at their report cards. Do your homework. Know the people who's running. You feel with your gut. If you don't. OBAMA WILL HAVE FREE WILL TO DO WHAT HE WANTS ALL THE WAY TO 2016. IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT? If he gets it, Were Done. Freedom is over. Capitalism is over. This is the last shot. Please get it right. We need more than the house. Change the rhinos to tea in your states . If your guy is good keep him. If not vote tea.

Dangit Peter that idea gets more and more exciting!... 

I'll chip in what I can to fund it.. if we get enough to contrib this could be an event to overcome even the media's reluctance to do so. 

Invitee's?  Palin?  West?  Gary Sinise, Trace Atkins!  Other suggestions?  Bill 


I agree. We need those heading the different organizations to put their heads together, without knocking the together, and lead us to liberty. I wrote about this just a few days ago:

If these people will come together, and We the People get behind them we can win. If we keep bickering around the edges we will never win. We are up against both political parties, most of the wealthiest in America, and a complicit media.  We can win but it is time to quit looking to the republikrat party to do it.


With his new book "Immigration Wars", Jeb Bush is using it to start his campaign for 2016 POTUS. I have had enough of the GOP and Bush family. I proudly voted against Romney and will look forward to voting against another of the Bush  dynasty. The sooner the GOP is replaced with a real conservative  party, the better chance we have of saving the nation. To those that think they can save the GOP, my best wishes to your fatal and flawed hopes.

TEA PARTY PATRIOT: Chaplain Thomas Gilbert  Cole(Chaplain Tom); alt="Elk County Tea Party Chapter" height="160" width="264"/>

Elk County Pennsylvania Tea Party

""{{ALL}}"" Tea Parties must come together to Restore our Christian Constitutional Republic.

TEA PARTY PATRIOT: Chaplain Thomas Gilbert  Cole(Chaplain Tom)

Elk County Tea Party Chapter

Elk County Pennsylvania Tea Party

""{{ALL}}"" Tea Parties must come together to Restore our Christian Constitutional Republic

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