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MEMORARY LANE I WISH TO DEDICATE THIS ARTICLE TO MY FRIEND AND FELLOW PREACHER OF WHOM I SHARED THE PULPIT-THE GREATEST TRICK SHOOTER OF ALL TIME HITTING BB'S - UNBELIEVABLY BUT I HEARD THE HITS. REVEREND STACY GROSSCUP!!!!!!! I began the Old Timer Longbow Traditional Archery Business as a bowyer in the 1970s. With this business I attended Archery events. Being one of the very few Longbow Bowyers I was invited to attend festivals and many shoots. I am especially interested in setting the record straight. I was personally invited to set up, and demonstrate the Old Timer Longbow at the Potter County Bow hunter Festival; this was done for several years. I was ordained into the Ministry in 1989, and informed Mike Knefly that I could not attend do to having church services; Mike told me that I could hold church services at Denton Hill: this was the beginning of our public ministry. I had just attended a Traditional Archery Shoot in Michigan, and discovered that many people were coming from the New England States, so I asked Mike if we could have a Traditional Archery Shoot at Denton Hill, He said “Yes”, and agreed to call it the Eastern Traditional and Primitive Archery Rendezvous. I then made up flyers about the upcoming Rendezvous sponsored by the just thought up by yours truly the Pennsylvania Longbow Association, contacted many Traditionalist, and while passing out flyers at the Allentown Sportsman Show; a goodly number requested to join the Pennsylvania Longbow Association. “You know the rest of story” the Pennsylvania Longbow Association came into being and I was honored to be the Founder/Chaplain. My family and friends worked very hard setting up targets at the initial Rendezvous , etc. Mike commented that we had reached many for the Rendezvous From this very small start it is reported that the Rendezvous even in difficulty in gas price, reached 6,000 people. It is a wonderful pleasure to see something that you had planted grow, and the Pennsylvania Longbow Association still in existence!!!!!!! THE OLD TIMER: Tom Cole The Chaplain’s Corner: Chaplain Tom Cole-Bowyer(Old Timer Longbow) Founder Pennsylvania Longbow Association, Co Founder Pennsylvania Traditional Archery Association-Founder Eastern Traditional and Primitive Archery Rendezvous 115 Madison Street Byrnedale, PA 15827 (814)-787-4034 STICK, STRINGS, AND THINGS! Tom Cole, Master Bowyer(longbow), Bowhunter(Traditional with wood arrows), knife maker, leather worker etc., and foremost promoter of Traditional Archery for these many years. In addition to handcrafting the Old Timer Longbow, wooden arrows, quivers, arm and finger guards, he is also a successful Big and Small game hunter with his longbow and wood arrows. Tom Cole was ordained into the Christian Ministry in 1989, and received his Perpetual Ordination in 1994. He is a very proud member of the Pennsylvania Chaplain’s Corps. He has and is very active in “Religious Journalism” the Chaplain’s Corner. He also has written and writes for magazines, newspapers, periodicals and Gospel Tracts. He has lectured on, and demonstrated Traditional Archery at the Pennsylvania Bowhunters Festival, Rendezvous, Schools, and Churches. For many years he hosted the Chaplain’s Hour, Voices from the Past, Steps into the Future for Republic and Genesis radios. He still broadcast locally on a limited basis. He is pleased to have been instrumental in the initial founding and promoting of the “Worlds Largest”; the Eastern Traditional and Primitive Archery Rendezvous, shortened to Eastern Traditional Primitive Archery Rendezvous, and abbreviated ETAR, at Denton Hill State Park, Potter Country, Pennsylvania. He founded and served as chaplain of the Pennsylvania Longbow Association, is the co-founder, life member, and chaplain of the Pennsylvania Traditional Archery Association. He has had, or has membership in the American Legion(Life Member), North American Hunting Club(Life Member), Howard Hill’s Longbowmen, Loyalsock Longbowmen, National Bare Bow Association, National Field Archery Association, National Archery Association, National Rifle Association, Unified Sportsmen of Pennsylvania (chaplain-emeritus), American Bowhunters Committee, Society of Traditional Bowman, United Bowhunters of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs, Pennsylvania State Archery Association(Bowhunter), American Bow hunters Committee, Kentucky Bowhunters Association, Pennsylvania Bowhunters Society, Maryland Bowhunters Society(honorary life member),Woodsmen of Washington. The Emergency Medical Chaplains Association, Lead Chaplain Pennsylvania Citizens Militia(Colonel), United Kingdom Corps of Chaplains Regimental Chaplain(Captain); last but not least charter member of Christian Bowhunters of America. He still actively enjoys teaching others and building traditional archery equipment, knife-making, and of course Bowhunting. However he puts all of his many archery and related skills to: “ONLY ONE LIFE, TWILL SOON BE PAST, ONLY WHAT IS DONE, FOR JESUS CHRIST WILL LAST”: “For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” Philippians 1 : 21. Today Pastor/Evangelist/Chaplain Tom Cole pastors the Byrnedale Union Bible church, conducts services at nursing homes, hospitals, extended care units, weddings and funerals. He is currently active, and is available for seminars, clinics, demonstrations, and church services at Archery Rendezvous, and Bowhunter Festivals. We must put Almighty God, His only begotten Son, His preserved word, the Holy Bible first and foremost in all things(everything without exception), and rely totally on the heavenly directing and inspiration of the Holy Ghost. T.M. Half a Century and Then Some Behind The Longbow! (BOW IN HAND BIBLE IN POCKET): TREADING SOFTLY WITH STICKS AND STRINGS: When it comes to making traditional or primitive bows and arrows, and related equipment, and/or enjoying every aspect of this ancient sport, “THERE IS NO INSTANT GRATIFICATION” “SEEK THE OLD PATHS….” Jeremiah 6 : 16. This preacher has been on the Traditional Archery scene for well over fifty years.



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