Bureau to Assist Terrorists with Firearms

Bureau to Assist Terrorists with Firearms


How liberating, fulfilling and enfranchised it must be to work in the Osama Barak administration.  Just imagine how omnipotent it must feel to know that no matter how stupid, harebrained, or ludicrous your statement or idea might be, one has the authority and oligarchic power to manufacture a scenario to cover it.  I offer this case in point.

Upon taking office as Attorney General, the highest law enforcement post in America, corrupt statist Eric Holder decried our second amendment as being responsible for the violence of the Mexican drug cartels. I realize the stupidity of such a statement will take some time to assimilate for higher life forms but Holder has apparently concocted a hoax to disarm the American people and further erode our Constitution to “prove” his indefensible point.  What was not immediately apparent was the plan to develop phony “evidence” for this manufactured scenario. 

Using the power of his office, Holder hatched an illegal scheme to use the BATF, (The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, the hit squad that slaughtered nineteen men, thirty-four women and twenty-three children on April 19th 1993, in Waco TX for doing exactly what colonial Americans came here to do) to actually sell Semi-automatic weapons to Mexican drug lords and their henchmen.  Imagine having the power and temerity to use the very agency whose charter is to investigate, discover and stop that specific activity just to make a case for a stupid utterance made at an earlier press conference!  Or is there a deeper, more sinister motive?  Of course there is.  Has there ever been a politician with a greater misunderstanding or hatred of guns or our Constitution than Holder’s boss? 

Our federal officers actually forged a plan to sell dangerous weapons to foreign nationals!  I offer these two links as evidence.   ATF Agent to Bosses on Gun-Running Scheme: ‘Prepared to Attend Fune... and Issa: ATF Mexican Gun Scandal a Lot Like Iran-Contra 

What could be more sinister than a devil hiring a monster to flood our border with dangerous weapons simply to make a case for taking guns from honest, decent Americans?  Now that the cost has been untold hundreds of lives, including at least one Border Patrol Officer, the monster has been outed.  So, what are the chances of him/them being brought up on conspiracy to murder charges as would happen if one of us peasants committed such a crime?  Well, consider what happened in the Branch Davidians case in Waco.  The victims who survived the holocaust were sentenced to a total of 243 years in prison for daring to exercise their constitutional right to life.  The perpetrators got promoted and pensions.

Even Holder’s best excuse is patently contrived.  Supposedly, the crime was perpetrated as a means to somehow “track” the guns to the end-users to arrest them for possessing illegal guns.  But that begs the question; if they were intentionally providing guns to Mexican drug lords, how could they possibly expect to arrest Mexican shooters who are, by definition, IN MEXICO where the BATF has no jurisdiction?  And no, they were not in cahoots with Mexican authorities to make arrests there.  Perhaps they were afraid that maybe there are ideas that are so corrupt, so illogical, so obviously retarded that not even corrupt, moronic Mexican officials would go along with them.  No, only a Democrat-appointed AG with control over a destructive federal bureau with the morals, brains, and viciousness of a pit bull would subscribe to such idiocy.  It leaves one wondering what the AG would say if he mustered the nerve to attend the funeral of BP Agent Brian Terry who was murdered with one of Holder’s guns on June 16, 2011 in AZ.  One is left wondering how many others have been killed by these weapons where the gun was not left behind as proof as in Agent Terry’s case.

This is it folks.  We have elected the enemy to the highest offices in America and are seeing the results.  As long as we stay planted on our couches, only rising every few years to go vote for the same old Rebublicrats and pretend we are actually doing something to save our nation, nothing will change, nothing will improve, and nothing will be solved.  If all we intend to do is elect and reelect the same Obamas, Weiners,  and Newt McRomneys then we might just as well remain on the couch to eat and watch TV.  After all, hypnotized people just might be tougher for them to push around if we are overweight as well.


© Bobby XD9

19 June 19, 2011


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