CA Illegal Immigrant at DMV: ‘Nobody’s Passing’ Written Test

CA Illegal Immigrant at DMV: ‘Nobody’s Passing’ Written Test


Stupid is as stupid does..No one can pass the test so they want to make it easier...Really!!!  This is all about wanting a dumbed down Society filled with illegal criminals who work for pesos, at our expense by a government that doesn't work for us ....... Wake Up America.....Illegal is illegal, nothing will make them "Legal". There is no such thing as an illegal " IMMIGRANT."  An Immigrant immigrates to a Country, these people came illegally under the fence, over the fence, anyway they can sneak in,  ILLEGALLY... They are criminals the first thing they do in our Country is to commit a crime by being here illegally!!!!!!  Now this is proposed, by our idiot government officials!!!! These fools are in our local and national government and need to be weeded out....  We must be really stupid if we let them get away with this........Fire them All!!!!

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