Am I the last person to know this ???

CA State Assembly sends a big fat message to the voters of CA: “F_ _ _  You, you idiots”!  (please excuse my French...I am angry!)

In a stunning hurried and unreported push, State Assemblyman Marc Berman authored a bill late last year that essentially takes aim at the intellect of every voter in CA. “Nobody reads it, and nobody understands it”…This is the rationale behind the decision to eliminate the legal text of the propositions, according to the CA SOS office.

AB 606 passed along party lines and changed the election code to disallow the voter’s guide to print the actual text of a proposed law. Did you notice it was looking a bit thin this election cycle?

Instead, all we see in the voter guide is,  “the legislative analysis” (an opinion of the legislature), rebuttals for and against a proposed proposition (also opinion), and who supports and who does not support a CA Proposition or Local Measure.

Make no mistake about it; this is a victory for dictators everywhere and a sure sign of the socialist party that is to come if CA Democrats are to have their way with us. What are you voting for in November? Who knows!

The message is that we must trust the politicians to tell us how we should or should not vote. Forget the actual details of the law. But for those of us who have been around for a while, we know the devil is in the details! You may, of course, call the SOS and have the actual legal text of the proposed propositions sent to you via snail mail.

Be prepared to stay on the phone for more than 30 minutes.

This is no way to run a Constitutional Republic!

AB 606  chapter 656-2017 Election Code section 9086

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