Causes 0f Gridlock in our Government, allowing Communist in our Government, lack of term limits.

Americans, don't blame one Party or the other For Gridlock. Blame the people in our Government that swore an oath to protect and defend the US Constitution, but do just the opposite. An Armed Citizenry is the only thing that keeps the Government at bay. The Best Defense is to Keep the US Constitution and the first Ten Amendments,Sac-rite, From any changes, from anyone or Government. there Can be Added laws like traffic laws,but they must be with in the Constitution and never against the Constitution. That will be Treason. if a religion is anti Constitution, or a believe is anti Constitution. it can't be practiced here.

No law will be made that takes away from the people's Rights, and the people's right to bear Arms will not ever again be infringed again.

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