Create a barter currency in your community.

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The certificate represent units of exchange rather than dollars.  Anyone in a community has the right to exchange these certificates for goods ans services from other participating  members. The Constitution defines what the government can use as money, it does not dictate what the people can use to engage in commerce. We have a God given right to use our time and talent to produce things of value and a right to buy or sell our property without government interference.

I just found out about this a couple days ago, so I have to share this with everyone immediately.

There is an organization known as National Liberty Alliance who has really progressed on the path of organizing the Common Law Grand Juries. Twenty states, that is 20 states are already fully constituted. Out of 3142 counties, 1121 are constituted! California is almost constituted, and will be there in a few days!

We need County Administrators and Jurists to volunteer their time. Go to to check out what states are fully constituted and which ones are still in process. We need more volunteers to step forward and complete the process.

If you are from Oregon, contact Laura at 541-336-5853. Go to the national site to get registered there too.

This is absolutely amazing that they have done the necessary research, and have gotten the ball rolling! Now, we need to get on board, support them (and all of America), and take our country back. There are still lots of volunteers needed, so lets do!


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Comment by Wayne Bachmann on June 27, 2014 at 9:07pm

Sorry Morton, but I lost the directions to do what you want done, and I don't have time to look right now. If People want to be a part of using Grand Juries, the least they can do is type it out themselves, for the moment.


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