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The global elite, governments world wide and mega-corporations have aligned themselves for the last twenty-five years to reap huge profits from the sheeple based on insider information on global cataclysms, the hype of Global Warming and Climate Change and the fore knowledge of the coming Polar Shift. This post/blog  will show beyond a shadow of a doubt just how we have been betrayed by our world leaders and will explore the careful maneuvering of the rich elite to assume complete control of the public's resources.

in 1983 NASA announced to the world that they had finally found Nibiru Planet X on the fringes of our solar system, this made the front page of the Washington Post and New York Times. Later that year President Reagan made this subject part of the National Security mandate which prevented scientists, astronomers and government insiders from legally talking about it with the public, under a National Security Oath. Armed with the information that this planet could potentially cause another Polar Shift and recognizing the impact this knowledge might have on the worlds infrastructure, Reagan was able to get other countries to keep quite about it as well.

The Powers That Be quickly realized that they could finally get the World's population to a manageable size, if they could move large populations into coastal regions and cities across the globe. Because when the Poles do shift from the passage of Planet X a.k.a. Nibiru through our solar system, the resulting tidal waves would literally wipe out billions of people. All they would have to do is ensure their own survival and they would be the Kings of the World.

The Powers That Be have used a plethora of tactics to ensure that they come out on top after all is said and done. Including a plan that began over twenty years ago involving the United Nations buying up land surrounding the United States National Parks This plan is an attempt by the United Nations to 'globalize' huge regions of the United States and is a major division of their nefarious Agenda 21 human migration initiative (Sustainable Development), established in 1992.

Basically the plan is to lower the standard of living in America to match that of the rest of the World's 'third world' countries, so that the World's wealth can be more evenly distributed, most people call this communism. The plan has allowed the United Nations to buy millions of acres of uninhabited National Park land in the United States and control it with their own private 'army' or security forces. By doing this they can then force citizens living in rural areas to move into closer tight knit population centers and pre-made FEMA camps.

They are poised to reap huge profits in terms of supplying energy, food, water and other resources to a needy public as the global cataclysms continue to increase in numbers and intensity.

Further more by constructing pre-made self contained camps, towns and compounds they can force victims and survivors to move into these camps, and  supplying themselves with a ready made work force, that they control.

To further enhance their plans they have constructed numerous websites designed to spread the fear of global cataclysms, to motivate the sheeple into spending their life savings in preparation of these events. While they also use debunking websites to show that there is nothing to fear and that the sheeple should not be frightened and remain in place.

It is the classic tactic of playing both sides to ensure that all of your bases are covered while creating friction among the sheeple, designed to keep them confused, ignorant and divided. This two pronged attack has been used for thousands of years to divide an unsuspecting public and prevent them from seeing the big picture, while manipulating them into wars, economic enslavement and obedience.

To emphasize these contentions let's take a look at some of the maneuvering that the rich elite, world governments and mega-corporations have done to ensure their complete domination of the less fortunate and how insider information withheld from the public has been used to make this happen.

Having the insider information such as the discovery of Nibiru Planet X on the outskirts of our solar system in 1983, which incidentally was reported on the front page of the Washington Post and New York Times, has allowed our world leaders to anticipate, plan for and create strategies to manipulate public perception, while implementing their plans of Global domination.

First of all one must secure the regions of the world that will be the most likely to survive relatively unscathed the coming Polar Shift. This is why many of the world's governments including the United States and the United Nations have put so much time, effort and resources (money) into Africa, as it will for the most part, survive the Polar Shift without much damage.

"I absolutely believe in a consistent upward trend," said Afican Executive Officer for Standard Charter Diana Layfield, the London-listed bank which is investing $100 million in Africa to double its business in the next five years.

However because the Polar Shift will undoubtably cause the world's oceans to change significantly due to sea levels rising, coastal areas will perish. Cities, towns and regions of the world at sea level are considered collateral damage. Therefore, migration of humans will be away from coastal regions and that is why all of the USAs FEMA camps are built inland well away from the coastal regions.

It is also the reason China has built huge Ghost Cities (over 150 and counting) in their vast interior that will allow them to host the survivors while ensuring they have plenty of workers to rebuild their infrastructure. However in the meantime by forcing rural farmers (over one million a month at gunpoint) to move to these pre-made urban metropolises, where no industry or jobs exist it requires those living there to become completely dependent on the Government for all their needs.

What The Powers That Be know will be an all important factor is to keep as many people as possible firmly entrenched in their beliefs that all is well up to the very last moment when it will make no difference. This is important to keep the infrastructure running smoothly, means of transportation open, airports, harbors and even freeways operating normally so that the rich elite can move about and travel to prepared safe havens when cataclysms and extreme weather events begin.

So as long as the majority of the sheep are asleep, this will work out and also allow for a measure of control as simply by blocking the major arteries leading out of any city will keep most of the population under control (Look up Hurricane Katrina and FEMA tactics). This is why The Powers That Be use 'accidents' and pre-planned events to test the public's reaction so they will be prepared when real disaster strikes.

America is using a different tactic to relocate farmers and rural citizens, than China. For almost fifty years, large corporations such as Monsanto have been buying up small farms here in America and turning them into mega-farms. This forces not only the farmers out of business but all the other people and businesses in small towns across America that depend on them for their livelihood, as well.

Since the United States became part of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in 1994 over 170,000 small family farms have gone bankrupt in the United States alone, with over 3,000,000 (million) in Mexico during that same time.

Then by creating 'accidents' or 'natural disasters' they can further their Agenda 21 initiatives by forcing more and more residents to move into large population centers seeking jobs and housing. The recent 'accident' in West Virginia is a perfect example of how the American Government is creating scenarios to further depopulate rural regions of North America.

"Can you imagine if the US military, as is happening in China, were to forcibly relocate American farmers to urban areas under the threat of violence from the military?"

Are you beginning to see the big picture and why the United States Government seems very intent on confiscating weapons from their citizens across America?

However what this really leads to is the Government being able to control any and all food that you eat. Two bills (S.425 & H.R. 875) have been introduced into Congress to prevent the average citizen from legally having a garden in their backyard.

In 2011 the Rawesome Food Company Of Venice California e arrest of the owner James Stewart and the dumping of tons of organic food.

Another similar event in Southern Nevada occurred on the Quail Hollow organic farm, also in 2011, in which the Southern Nevada Health District 'raided' a picnic and demanded that all the food used for their annual Farm to Fork Dinner Event be destroyed on the grounds that freshly picked vegetables constitutes a bio-hazard.

This is just two examples of how America intends on creating laws and legislation preventing average citizens from going off the grid and sustaining themselves independently from corporate America.

In 1974 Henry Kissinger said . . .

"Control oil and you will control nations; control food and you will control the people."

This quote was taken from a report he wrote for the National Security Council, in 1974 during President Ford's tenure called National Security Study Memorandum 200, which claimed that Lesser Developed Countries (LDC) poised a serious risk for America's national security.

This report outlined a classified plan to forcibly reduce populations in LDCs through birth control, famine and wars.

However what this all has lead to is the recent signing by Obama of Executive Order13603 in which is clearly stated that . . .

At a time of the President's choosing The Federal Government may take over:

  • All forms of energy

  • All forms of civil transportation

  • All usable water from all sources

  • All commodities and products that are capable of being ingested by either human beings or animals

  • Health Resources- Drugs, Biological Products, Medical Devices, Materials, Facilities, Health Supplies, Services and Equipment

  • Induction of citizens into the military against their will

This leads us back to the attempt by The Powers That Be to depopulate the Gulf Coast region of the United States by creating a massive 'Dead Zone' in the Gulf of Mexico and force the removal of over 40 million rural Americans from this region.

Many so called 'scientist' have claimed that due to this 'dead zone' and the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Disaster it has effectively altered the Earth's Jet Stream however I contend that this is also a cover for the Jet Stream being altered by the increase in the Earth's Wobble due to Nibiru Planet X in our solar system.

Anticipating Global Disasters

Having fore knowledge that the Earth will undergo a Polar Shift has enabled governments world wide to institute plans to not only survive intact but have large regions of their populations under their control when the global cataclysms subside. This will allow them to quickly rebuild their infrastructures by being able to organize and control their workforce that will be completely dependent on their superior technology and resources.

When the World's Governments are the only organizations that have operating vehicles, weapons, food, water, shelter and viable energy sources, the survivors will be only to willing to cooperate.

However as disaster events such as rising ocean levels, earthquakes and volcanic activity force large population centers in coastal areas to retreat inland they can be easily controlled simply by cutting off migration routes, such as highways, trains and rivers. Consider that the less people you have to feed, the more resources you will have over the long haul.

By isolating large population centers in cities and towns you can prevent the spread of diseases, allocate resources to the dwindling survivors and prevent armed rebellion or resistance by limiting information and news.

According to another great article by David Hodges of The Common Sense Show Ex-Fed &Wall Street Execs Are Going Into Hiding- Why? Please note that former DHS Director, Janet Napolitano, stated at her farewell address that it was not a matter of if, but when, the power grid will be taken down.

Because America's energy grid is fragile as was proven by Hurricane Sandy electricity in most rural areas will be the first regions most affected and because of this information will be spotty at best. The World Wide Web will most assuredly go down, as will the simply act of obtaining fresh water and food.

What needs to be acknowledge by the American people is that when Wall Street Bankers and top intelligence officers in the NSA, CIA, DHS and FEMA begin to take early retirement and go into hiding with their families in tow their is a good reason. In 2011 the Division of Homeland Security even closed down the Denver International Airport to conducting a drill (Operation Mountain Guardian) to relocate essential governmental personal in the event of a global cataclysm.

The most important aspect of all the relocating by Government Insider's is that every self contained compound set up as survivalist type enclaves are all at least 300 miles from any coastline and at least 1,500 feet above sea level. This should be a serious warning sign to all residents living at sea level along the coast's of America.

All this maneuvering by The Powers That Be has essentially allowed them to be in complete control of such natural resources as food and fresh water, while isolating populations into tightly packed urban control centers. They have also put into place laws and regulations to remove rural citizens to these control centers, by seizing land and resources.

The majority of survivors will be forced to work for the world's governments as indentured servants, obedient to any and all laws they wish to institute.


When considering all of the factors and maneuvering by the rich elite and government insiders involved, one can logically assume that they have insider knowledge of a global cataclysm, the rest of the world is not privy too.

The fact that Nibiru was reported to the world on the edges of our solar system in 1983 and then quietly hushed up ever since, the photos and videos of second sun sightings all over the world, the increase in tectonic plate movement and volcanic activity globally and the rising sea levels world wide, leads this me to believe that the threat of a imminent Polar Shift is real.

When considering all the new information being revealed about Aliens and UFOs, crop circles, ancient civilizations that have legends and myths involving past polar shifts and scientific data revealing sudden climate changes, it is simple too much to be considered anything but true.

Then add on top of that how every major government world wide has built underground shelters and cities, stored away vast seed supplies, food, water and other resources it becomes clear that they are anticipating a huge global cataclysm. When you research the real reasons behind rising ocean levels, extreme weather and climate change the pieces of the puzzle begin to fall into place with startling clarity.

This was written to show humanity how the world's rich elite, governments and mega-corporations intend too not only survive the coming Polar Shift but to recover from it without missing a beat. This is no longer a matter of those in power being able to provide for the world's population but how to use them to further their own agenda of survival.  Good Luck

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