Congressman Proposes SWAMP Act, an act that will move some agencies' employees out of D.C.

Congressman Luke Messer (R-IN) introduced legislation to move agencies out of swampCo to areas inland more suited to the agencies "oversight." The reason is that the highest paid federal employees are heavily located in swamp D.C., so his thinking is that spreading the wealth around would help raise incomes in the newly located area, and that the move also could reduce the salary of the agency's employees to closer to the locals cost per living, so it could be a kind of "meet halfway" between inflated federal employee's income and the income in for example, Kansas or Iowa. It also reduces the likelihood of revising pay levels through rewriting the position's responsibilities, which apparently, they do whenever there is a government pull back from promotions. They simply rewrite the position to include more responsibilities to get around the shutdown or hold on promotions.

From the link:


The SWAMP Act and Average Salaries for Federal Employees

One reason some politicians are seeking to move agency functions out of the Washington, DC area is to share the wealth. Moving jobs and functions out of the Washington metro area to other localities will create jobs in the areas that would receive the jobs.

For example, the Department of Agriculture is sometimes mentioned as an agency which could have many of its functions and its headquarters located in the Midwest. This agency has about 14,450 employees making over $100,000 per year. While it is possible these salaries would go down as the locality pay in Washington is higher, chances are the average federal employee salary in a state such as Nebraska or Iowa would go up with a large agency moving to one of those states."


Problem is, the Constitution limits swampco to 10 square miles, so this is actually an expansion of swampco. into our backyards, where, my guess is, they will mind everyone's business except their own. It is true that having access to people rather than "Press 1 for Spanish, Press 2 for English, etc., and the hassle of calling in to register a problem, will be made easier with people who are neighbors, so there is a chance that having more accountability to us might be possible.

But I am leary, as the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Below is the list of federal employees' income as per state. The data is 2017, the latest on record, and is from

The average American household income is $59,039.

State Average (adjusted pay)
WYOMING $63,148.87
MONTANA $64,420.37
IDAHO $65,172.64
SOUTH DAKOTA $65,911.53
KENTUCKY $68,913.19
NORTH DAKOTA $70,062.80
UTAH $70,252.06
ARIZONA $71,426.44
MISSISSIPPI $71,473.72
NEW MEXICO $71,698.00
MISSOURI $72,551.56
NEBRASKA $73,387.12
ARKANSAS $73,516.55
KANSAS $73,615.66
IOWA $74,280.25
INDIANA $74,453.30
NEVADA $74,516.81
OREGON $74,547.92
TENNESSEE $75,740.56
MAINE $75,759.45
WISCONSIN $75,785.50
LOUISIANA $75,999.84
OKLAHOMA $76,653.58
HAWAII $77,122.04
WEST VIRGINIA $77,937.78
ALABAMA $78,364.71
MICHIGAN $80,122.86
VERMONT $80,132.75
MINNESOTA $80,669.03
FLORIDA $80,776.96
No Data Reported $81,305.65
TEXAS $81,402.22
DELAWARE $82,887.88
OHIO $83,016.96
WASHINGTON $83,270.20
ALASKA $85,065.89
RHODE ISLAND $85,170.58
NEW YORK $85,819.21
CALIFORNIA $85,938.54
COLORADO $86,809.78
GEORGIA $88,158.38
ILLINOIS $89,194.30
NEW HAMPSHIRE $89,514.02
CONNECTICUT $90,130.75
NEW JERSEY $94,203.59
VIRGINIA $102,311.46
MARYLAND $108,490.57

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Comment by Rhoda Gelman on June 28, 2019 at 2:29pm

Jeanne: Just became a member with CC and will be active on this incredible site. Rhoda Gelman: VOSA: Voice Of Sovereign America. My purpose is to engage and promote this site everywhere so "Here Is Our Voice - United!" I have heard of this Proposition - but there are many flaws and the Constitution is not always clear - and we do not have to look any further as to 'why' the Evil Our Our Nation is ready and waiting to 'Show Their Evil and Eyes Shut.' Time is fleeting and we as Sovereigns Must Come Together With What Action We Must Take Now! What is Your Opinion For The Action That We Must Take: Mine: Eliminate the DEM party - there is NO DEMS PARTY - NEVER WAS - SOCIALISTIC AND FASCISM FROMM THE BEGINNING - Go Back to President Jackson - 1770's. I am going to create a separate section for all of us to be definitive with our individual opinions, strategies and decisions. Please stay in touch: Rhoda Gelman: VOSA

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