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I'm not good at "Blogging" but I wanted to share a letter I sent to my local Sheriff and a neighboring county.

Subject: Constitutional County Sheriffs

Sheriff Ernie and Marty,
May I humbly request you add your High Official Vote to this website initiative and add you names to the "Growing" list of Sheriffs who have had enough of Washington, DC stomping all over the Constitution of the United States of America,,,, As well as the Constitution and Bill or Rights of the State of Kentucky.
Please review this "Cause"
IF you stand with us
Not just at the Ballot Box, but if you let us, we will literally stand on the wall (well armed) with you against the POTUS, SCOTUS, BATFE, FBI, DHS,,,,,,,,
You stand with the Constitution and We will stand with you, You have my Solemn Oath.
Jim Fishback
618 Scenic Dr
Harrodsburg, KY

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Comment by Lee Sorrells on February 23, 2013 at 8:05am

I like what you wrote. I just joined here and was wondering how I would go about this or what to say to my local Sheriff's dept.  This has been helpful!! :)

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