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I’m inviting you to join my guests and me Saturdays on WGUF 98.9 FM in the Naples, FL area or the online live stream at 3 PM EST, for Constitutionally Speaking.  Be part of the constitutional conversation in exploring the origins, values and meaning of our Constitution.

  • What’s the United States’ source of authority?
  • What is the source of our rights?
  • What are the 1st Amendment’s five rights?
  • Why are warnings read to suspects called “Miranda Warnings”?
  • Who are “We the People”?
  • Why are “powers separated”?
  • What does being “for the Constitution” mean?

Let’s talk it over Saturdays at 3 PM EST on WGUF 98.9 Naples, FL or the online live stream.

Archives of past shows are available at:

Take some time to look around my site for more constitutional commentary.

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