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Ok, Sorry I have not been active on this site for so long.  Just got overwhelmed and to be truthful I never wrote down the login and password and only now found it by accident.  We are working on a statewide organization county by county here in Wisconsin.  If you or anyone you know lives in Wisconsin and would like to help us coordinate the best of the conservative organizations here in Wisconsin in an effort to work together please contact me at and in the SUBJECT section put...COUNTY COORDINATOR.  BTW I hope I don't have to repeat this..NO POLITICIANS!

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Comment by James M Murphy on August 28, 2016 at 12:52pm

Good Afternoon to my friends that is friends of James M Murphy.

  • We are here to mutually build a support community, right?
  • Everyone's participation is a requirement, or at least IT SHOULD BE, right?
  • Cutting and Pasting or Pasting and moving on to paste some more… is NOT Participation,
    having an actual conversation IS, RIGHT?

Over and Above That….

  • As a Faith Based Patriot Community, there is an expectation that members will be supportive of our group ministry otherwise, why would you be here….right?
  • My wife Sue and I are ProLife First and Foremost and we are dedicated to preserving ProLife/ProFamily Ministries such as Q90 Christian Radio and Rob Pues Wisconsin Christian News Ministry. BTW: WCNs rate for a Yearly Subscription is only $25.00 there is NO excuse for you/us to not be supporting them with a paid subscription, right?
  • Sue and I are also co-founders of two groups that we financially as well as morally support and we expect our “friends” to do the same by becoming paid supporting members of either one or both of them.  Therefore, here are the Links.
    C.U.T. Wisconsin & the Wisconsin Black Robe Regiment:
    Then there is the funding arm of those two groups where you can also make a
    The difference, GBTP.  Please become a sustaining member with a monthly commitment which is will show your commitment. Link:

These are what I feel are the minimum requirements for our friends.  Your results may differ…..

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