Duane Kirkland

U.C.C. 1-207 1-308 w/o prejudice

The Plaintiff v




(CASE; # SP16012605)




COME(S) NOW, The Plaintiff(s) and for his claim for , against the

Defendant(s), allege(s) as follows:

Plaintiff demand for 2.5 million dollars for violations of the plaintiff's civil rights, and refusing the remedy and recourse submitted and refused by the institutions of the state of Oregon, burns Oregon and harny county.

Due to the facts of obstructing the due process and infringing and encroachment, by the actions of the officers and institutions of the state of OREGON and the cause of pain and suffering, due to the action of obstructing the plaintiff’s 2nd Amendment, and the bill of rights, and the Oregon bill of rights.

Amendment Violations of the 1st ,4th , 5th , 6th , 14th , and

Due to the fact of the defendant's listed above not protecting civil rights and refusing to govern by contract of the Constitutions in harmony. The failing of the judges and lawyers for not protecting the Constitutional rights of the plaintiff.

The OREGON institutions failed to protect the plaintiff from unconstitutional acts that violated the plaintiffs fundamental rights. Listed in the threshold questions.

Its the duty of the listed defendants judges, officers or any State administrations with police forces and institutions to guard the Constitution at a state and federal level.


Violations title 18, USC, 231, 2883,2884,2885,1621

WHEREFORE, Plaintiff(s) request(s) judgment as follows;

The plaintiff request to be paid for the pain and suffering for the institution violations.

And due to the fact of the listed violations threshold questions showed in the due process of negligence of the state of Oregon and harney county, and burns Oregon institutions in collusion.

not protecting the plaintiffs fundamental basic necessities of life and liberty.

The whole purpose of the main mission of being the guard of the Constitution at the state level and administration levels. Under the oath of the supremacy clause article 6 paragraph 2.

The state Oregon institutions,

is using the officers to their advantage to enforce conflicting laws, even though an officer has a separation of powers for conducting police powers witch is limited.

The police are committing crimes there self as an officer by arresting individuals for crimes without no victims and no property damage, under the common law this is illegal

The state Oregon institutions,

are obstructing one rights by infringing on them and violating the 14 amendment 5th amendment - By obstructing the freedom to travel to migrate to other states with their personal property so being a modern mode of travel, which is with a personal automobile.

The state Oregon institutions,

has continually turned a so called privilege to travel into a crime against its own people who migrate.

It is not a mere privilege which a city may prohibit or permit at will- But a common right which one has under the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


The state Oregon institutions,

is hurting ones basic right to make use of an automobile as a vehicle of travel along the highways of the state-

The state Oregon institutions,

Clearly violated the 14th amendment and the bill of rights) the right to travel is protected by the equal protection clause 14th amendment- The 5th Amendments.

The state Oregon institutions,

had no contract with me in the law of contracts. No permission by competent authority, conferring the right to do so some act which without such authorization would be illegal, or would be trespass or tort.

The state Oregon institutions,

which would place the keeping and safe conduct of another in the hands of even a conservator of the peace, unless for some breach of the peace committed in his presence, or upon suspicion of felony would be most oppressive and unjust, and destroy all the rights which our constitution guarantees-

The plaintiff ask to bring criminal charges on the officer's for violated the 4th Amendment, and the plaintiff ask that there be criminal charges brought on the The state of Oregon institutions,The state Oregon institutions,negligence of rights under title 18, USC, 231, 2883,2884,2885,1621.



Plaintiff demands for 2.5 million dollars for violations of the civil rights and negligence. Let it be submitted to the candid courts for justice and liberty for all.


To the state of Oregon, and who it may concern.

(settlement request and for the record)

I Duane Eugene Kirkland/ U.C.C.  1-207 w/o prejudice –  1115 S. 3rd ST.  HAMILTON , MT  59840

(CASE; # SP16012605)

Under remedy and recourse , the same Uniform commercial codes that you operate under. I Claim to be the Beneficiary of the Constitution with all state of the Union in harmony. 


Request due to the facts of the time frame, as I work to gather  further evidence-  paper work for the release of my property, at the federal level and state level. In  the state of Montana all rights have been restored and knowing the law , that Oregon state law is a sister state in harmony.

Then it would be asked that my property or the funds its worth be returned.  So that I can replace them in my home state of Montana. And the next time I travel to your state -it shall be filed a affidavit record  of travel and weapons rights restored. 


(This is a request for the amount of money for my rifle and my pistol that is illegally being held)

 Please forward to chain of command……………

This is not a threat its for documented records for evidence and Contact. Under my investigations in a timely manner.

 Unfortunately Some in Your state is a disgrace to our nation even though  there is a few bad apples .  Knowing that a majority are actually Good Constitutional officers bound to the oath at a state level and a federal level. Under the supremacy clause, article 6 paragraph 2.   

 I cant judge all , for when there is some bad apples in the bag by illegal actions , because all are not bad.


 But soon we the people will know about those  institutions, the corrupt government agency’s, by your actions..  The scrutiny test is coming your way. 


Why- because some  don’t know the difference between actual laws versus unconstitutional acts that is not law.

 I pray that you know or learn them …..

 Some in your state takes weapons away from good people. Because of illegal statutes and codes at a state level -and a federal level.

 Maby you support that or not but soon -we the people will know. It will be recorded and documented for further investigations of violations of civil incidents.  

 The taken of weapons from those  who served for you and the nation. The taken of  peoples weapons- and creating  illegal laws called law that is not law, infractions and codes and statutes that are illegal against the fundamental  God given  rights of  individuals.  (By robing them blind for just living)

 No state can make a God given  right into a crime .   This would be a crime its self. ..

 And the ones who took the oath to preserve and protect the Constitutions at all levels of the states in harmony. Regardless of none jurisdiction upon me as a  American. 

 Your state put people in jail and violated people’s privacy and the 4th amendment …

 your state also put people in jail that have no victim or property damage for equity for judges and lawyers.

 A crime must have a victim or property damage or a violation of the Constitutions .

 Your state and Constitutional officers  violated  the bill of rights -the locked laws that are not for change or sale or bid, or vote. (The due process clauses, and the 4th amendment, and the 2nd amendment.) (the bill of rights)

 I would think you are for our Constitution and the people of the state you serve at all levels.

 I request for the Amount of 50, 000 per day of holding my property,   I am as a Constitutional advocate working to expose judges and lawyers and governmental leaders of violations of article 6 paragraph 2.  Along with national social network institutions.   Its my job.   For the record I am not a criminal for writing a bad check. This is no reason for violating the law of someone civil rights. 



 Your state police- Constitutional officers along with many agency’s, FBI, CERT,county sheriffs, and other unknown agency’s , without jurisdiction, took my property when traveling through the  state. For the record  I served as a soldier in Oregon for a few years as a protector of the western gate, 11brv infantry.  

 The state along with other agencies  treated me like a war criminal  passed me around to different agency’s until they figured out I was a good guy.

 Utilizing Scare tactics that I would not put on anyone who did not commit a crime with a victim or property damage. 


Arrested me imprisoned me  -set bail of  300,000 dollars without no due process or even seeing a judge in the matter. Then by the Grace of God- all of a sudden let me go because of no charges of a crime or complaint , or maybe because of no due process.  Civil right issues……….

 I have not received my property and I have been delayed long enough.

 I wrote the state governor and the state police and other agencies. However have located the my property in one of your institutions by written communications.

 They seem to further delay- obstruct the matter , this could cost the courts time and money at a higher cost for my  pain and suffering , and further process to tie up the courts process and case loads..  when I receive the amount I request this matter is resolved and closed. 

 I request for the amount of 1,800 dollars for my property,and additional Amount of 50, 000 per day of holding my property. so that the matter is resolved and over.

 Property  was never returned from the state, my car my vest was though,  they had no crime or reason to initiate a stop anyway -As a free man traveling freely in private car without commerce or commercial.

 I was treated by Constitutional officers as a terrorists  against the state - treated me like a war criminal in burns Oregon and Harney county.  The Constitutional officers summonsed for veterans  to be a buffer zone for peace.

 In conclusion  I request due to the fact of the time frame, as I work to collect  paper work for the release of my property.

 Oregon is a sister state in harmony with Montana laws along with the rest of the sister states in harmony. 


 I request that you mail me the amount of 1,800 dollars. and total amount for the days of holding my property 50, 000 per day of holding my property . For my- sentimental value at this time.   

 Thank you , please submit the letter to the District attorneys office and to all who it is in concerned for documentation and the record.

    406-363-5284/    for the clerk recorder and the judges and the lawyers.  Further more all Constitutional officers and the latter…… private person…/constitutional-law-by-carl-…

 Treason by sedition…/part-I/chapter-115


forward to Harney county, burns Oregon.. District Attorneys  violations with additional letter in the past to the states.  Thank you… chain of command…


Mark Alexander, Evidence Tech

Oregon State Police

Ontario Area Command

541 Stanton Blvd, Bldg 1

Ontario, OR  97914


Chain of command………………xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



February 5, 2017 

Mark Alexander, Evidence Technician

Department of state police

Ontario Area Command

541 Stanton Blvd Bldg. 1

Ontario , OR  97914-8437 

Dear Mark Alexander, Evidence Technician,

RE:  Incident  #  Sp16012605,

Thank you for the quick response to the matter, i am very happy that you have located my property and secured it in your institution. 

I have attached the paper that you requested on the phone conversation - of the rights restored after probation contract- was completed and all civil rights- God given basic alienable  rights , fundamental rights restored by my state and my country. 

Please document and record for your records -and if any other encounters as i freely travel my home state and my sister states part of the Union in harmony. 

 In most states i am  Documented as a free man by a   affidavit recorded and sent  to declare  me as  American- my freedom to travel freely  without commerce or merchant , or military regulations.

I travel as  a common  man under the beneficiary contract  of the Constitutions of the 50 states in harmony under common law, the Bill of rights , and the 11th Amendment , and the 7th  amendment , to be tried if necessary under a common court of law.

If you need any other Discovery or input , or wisdom , of Constitutional matters , please don't hesitate to ask. 

I also request for any Discovery on your end- to help mitigate or litigate in the future encounters of protecting me from any further encroachment or infringement of the fundamental rights of a free American.   Thank you, a Constitutional officer, advocate, and pro se, advocate.

if you need any thing else - just please write our communicate in a timely manner. 

My contact info for your records is, 4063635284-  1115 s 3rd street Hamilton Montana  59840.   





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