Do Americans believe they only have 2 choices, Communism, or Fascism?

I thought I'd give everyone a heads-up, just in case you haven't heard of this up coming event.

Do Americans believe they only have 2 choices? 

#1. Be Far Left, an Anarchist/Anti-fascist = Communism!

#2. Be Far Right, a Racist/Neo-Nazi = Fascism!  

TPTB want us to believe these are our only 2 choices.

Anarchist site:

Both of these groups represent a Totalitarian form of Government, and most, if not all Americans want Freedom protected by a Constitutional Rule of Law.

Richard Spencer will be speaking at the University of Florida, in Gainesville on this Thursday Oct. 19. 

I don't believe the 10-19 date, was selected by accident, because when reversed, using numerology it signals 911.

It's possible that 2 days from now we will see yet another Manufactured Agitation/False Flag, (let's not let a perfectly good engineered crisis go to waste event,) take place in Gainesville Florida!

Alachua County/Gainesville Fl. is a very corrupt County, with very high property taxes, but it never has enough revenue to pay the bills.

The media in this part of Florida claims the County will spend $500,000.00 on security for the Oct.19 event. Doesn't Law Enforcement receive a regular salary? Sure there might be some overtime involved for 1 day, but how much could that be? Not 1/2 million!

The Governor of Florida has declared a State of Emergency, and has placed the National Guard on standby for this event.


If you live near, or travel close to this area, you should avoid it, especially if you CCW's, as the protesters cannot even carry water bottles. There will most likely be a heavy police presence, and a possible lock down type atmosphere near the University, with road blocks.

Antifa protesters are expected...


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