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We all get emails and letters about how our Representatives need our help. They begin by telling you how the opposition is going to screw us. They want to know how we feel about the situation. Then comes the kicker, all they need is a donation to get the job done.

 Well, I got to asking myself, “Why do they need a donation?” We sent them to congress to do a job and they get paid a salary. They get their materials paid for. They get their helpers salaries paid for, so why do they need a donation? To me, if I asked for a donation to do my job the boss would laugh me out of his office.

 We voted them into office to do a job and that’s what I feel like they should do. We tell them what we expect them to do and we expect them to do it. Then they want a donation to do it, that’s unacceptable. I’m not that well off to just give away money for something that they should be able to do without more money. They can get their point across in front of their peers on the floor of congress; they don’t need money for that. They talked well enough to get voted into office so they should be able to get their point across on the floor; without a donation. If they need help I’ll help by getting people to listen to what they have to say, but I will not give money to them for doing their job.

 This is what I feel about after election donations.

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