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Killing mosquitoes one at a time doesn't work. Malaria was not eradicated until we drained the swamp. In order to end the corruption on Capitol Hill we must cut off the supply of flow of money that feeds the beast.

The solution may be easier than you think.When we elect career politicians instead of statesmen to serve in Congress we provide politicians with the opportunity to sell their votes to the highest bidder.

Our elected officials have become dependent on the donations they receive from Wall Street corporations to fund their elections.  To win re-election the career politicians must continue to pass legislation that benefits their corporate donors.

Even though we elect the members of Congress, they take their marching orders from the Wall Street bankers and the financial elite.

We need to support those members of Congress who have consistently voted in favor of Constitutional legislation and refuse to re-elect those who violate the Constitution on a regular basis.

We need to study our representatives voting records to be able to separate the defenders of the Constitution from the traitors serving on Capitol Hill.

Did your representative vote for the Patriot Act? Did you representative support gun control legislation? Did your Congressmen vote to fund foreign wars or aggression and the NDAA? Don't listen to what your representative says, focus on what he does by checking out how he has voted.

Does your Congressman support deficit spending, illegal immigration and the funding of Planned Parenthood?

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