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Subject: IRS scandal just tip of iceberg

Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

What we know so far about the rapidly escalating IRS scandal is likely
just a drop in the bucket compared to what remains to be exposed.

That's why it is so crucially important to keep the outcry for an
Independent Counsel and a full investigation into the politicization of
the IRS growing!  We already have well over 20,000 signers to our
powerful petition, but we need many times that number to have the
impact we need for our first petition delivery next week.

If you have yet to sign our petition to fully investigate the IRS
targeting of conservative organizations, please click here to sign:
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Please see my very important update below - Mat.


Our sources tell us that many Members of Congress have recognized the
explosive nature of the fast-growing IRS scandal.  They realize that
the American people are resolved to hold the Obama administration
accountable, so they have staffed their offices to receive messages
from their constituents on the matter, even during the congressional
recess this week.

Our office is receiving a lot of feedback from friends like you who
share our outrage at the targeting of conservative groups and
individuals that continues even as new facts come to light.

Late last week, the Washington Post - a newspaper that has tended to
remain silent when conservative groups suffer at the hands of liberal
administrators - released an eye-opening analysis of IRS data on
tax-exemption applications and approvals.

Here's the "box score" on IRS approvals in the critical three years
leading up to the 2012 elections.

"Tea Party" approvals:  2009..1  2010..2  2011..0

"Progressive" approvals:  2009..17  2010..21  2011..27

The fact is, as many or more conservative groups applied as did liberal
progressive groups during the period leading up to the pivotal 2012
general elections because there was an excellent chance the Obama
administration would be defeated at the polls.

But now we know that the contest was rigged and conservative voices
were systematically censored during the crucial period leading up to
the election.  You and I were among those who have been aggrieved in
this outrageous plot!

++More IRS malfeasance comes to light each week.

While our Liberty Counsel litigation team explores our options,
including legal actions, additional examples of IRS persecution have
come to light:

Adopt a child and there's a 90 percent chance your return will get
enhanced review by the IRS and an almost 70 percent chance you'll get
audited!  (I know these statistics seem unbelievable, but a recent
report from the Taxpayer Advocate Service exposed this disturbing fact).

Tell the IRS you're a pro-life organization and you'll be dragged
through intense questioning and unreasonable demands for information -
including inquiries about the nature of your group's prayers!

List opposition to Planned Parenthood as an organizational goal, and
the IRS is likely to suggest that they cannot approve your application
for tax-exempt status.  The recent scrutiny of their patterns of
approval has brought this injustice to light although it has been going
on for years.

The fact is, under the Obama administration the IRS has been
politicized  to an alarming degree.  In fact, it has practically become
an arm of the Obama campaign team!

++We must keep increasing the pressure for honest disclosure.

Thomas, there is no doubt in my mind that the offending IRS bureaucrats
have taken their cues from President Obama or his senior staff - and
possibly have even been acting upon the President's direct orders.

That detail is yet to be uncovered, of course.  But that discovery
could be just days away if we keep the pressure up!

The actions of the IRS are egregious violations of the social contract
between the people of the United States and their elected leaders - and
we must take immediate action to expose those who allowed this abuse
and bring the responsible parties to justice!

We are calling for a complete investigation by Congress, including the
establishment of an Independent Counsel to completely expose the IRS

If you haven't already done so, please go here today to sign our
powerful petition on the issue and learn more about Liberty Counsel's
plan of action:
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If you have already signed, please forward this message to as many of
your like-minded friends as possible.  We need more signers so we will
maximize our impact when we deliver the first wave of petitions early
next week!

Upon my return from Israel at the end of the week, my Liberty Counsel
team and I will meet to consider our legal options against the IRS in
their targeting of Freedom Federation, an important collaboration of
over 30 conservative groups I founded a few years ago. We, like so many
other conservative action groups, have yet to receive our tax-exempt

But for now, all of us should demand congressional action to hold
responsible parties accountable, from the top down, for the egregious
partisan violations being exposed in the IRS handling of non-profit
status determinations.

Thank you for taking immediate action with us!

Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

P.S. The IRS has taken its job as an "enforcement agency" to
unprecedented levels of partisan abuse in order to advance the Obama
agenda. And may God help us if ObamaCare is not overturned and the IRS
actually becomes the all-powerful enforcement agency of its mandates!

I will be sharing much more information when I return from Israel and
inform you of Liberty Counsel's response to this outrage. But for now,
please sign our petition if you haven't already done so, and forward
this message to as many like-minded Americans as possible!

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