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Duane Eugene Kirkland UCC 1-207 1-308 w/o prejudice title 18 241,242, and 1628, US

sedition by treason, and violated the oath of office, and the article 6 paragraph 2 at all levels state and federal.

let thee facts be submitted to a candid United states of America under common law..

Duane Kirkland ...

Declaratory thresh -hold questions

If one brings to the attention of a written document of discovery to a process to defend one’s self- and if a judge or an attorney ignores the written document, would this be a breach of preserving the constitutions of the compact states? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

If a judge or lawyer makes money a percentage of funds across the bench would this be in conflict of interest to the bench- is this a breach of his oath? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Is this a crime? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

If a judge or lawyer does not except a written document from a person defending one ’s self for no crime, with no victim or property damage, while a defendant claims to reserve constitutional rights, is this a breach of his oath? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

If a judge or lawyer is showed by written case laws that are in conflict with the constitutions of compact states, would this be a breach of oath they are bound to? If a person who is under the protection of the contract of the constitutions of the compact states- is it the duty of the judge or lawyer to bring a victim or property damage forward to the accused? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

If a judge or lawyer or police officer violate ones rights, and is written to the attention of the process and if the they choose to move forward without no written response to the defendant- would this be a breach of the oath they swearer to protect and preserve? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Can a judge or lawyer convert a reserved right into a crime? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Would this be a violation of the oath they are bound to? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

If a judge acts like a prosecuting attorney through the whole due process is this a clear violation of the oath he has to protect? Is the judge the trial of factor? Can a police officer take ones property before due process? Is a judge or lawyer or police officer limited by their powers? Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

If a judge or lawyer or any delegated power knows that a conflicting law is an unconstitutional act, and then continua to force it, is this a breach of the oath that they are bound to? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Clearly every one of these thresh hold questions was violated and the cause and effect obstructed and denied xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx dues process as a fair trial.

There for I request that the higher court looks into the recorded script and investigate my findings. I or they - was denied due process and written discovery was excluded from the due process. Due to the facts brought forward in writing and transcript recording- I ask for xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Based on the due process violations, and denying basic fundamental rights. Judge orders is void.

Crimes by the judge and state and illegal agencies...and institutions.

# 1 (the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) are involving criminally prosecuting people without a victim or property damages, and justifying by safety- By tricking and enforcing stealthy hidden conflicting statues by distinctive difference by definitions of international commerce and none private people traveling to pursue basic necessities of life and liberty.

# 2 (thxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) is using the officers to their advantage to enforce conflicting laws, even though an officer has a separation of powers for conducting police powers witch is limited. The police are committing crimes there self as an officer by arresting individuals for crimes without no victims and no property damage, under the common law this is illegal.

# 3 (the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and its police agency and other institutions) are obstructing one rights by infringing on them and violating the 14 amendment 5th amendment - By obstructing the freedom to travel to migrate to other states with their personal property so being a modern mode of travel, which is with a personal automobile.

# 4 (the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) has continually turned a so called privilege to travel into a crime against its own people who migrate. It is not a mere privilege which a city may prohibit or permit at will- But a common right which one has under the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

# 5 (the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) is hurting ones basic right to make use of an automobile as a vehicle of travel along the highways of the state.

government crimes,,,,,,,,,,,,

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