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California Congressional Districts Average 702,000 Rhode Island Congressional Districts Average 526,000

If California and Rhode Island were equally represented California would have 70 Representatives instead of just 53

When compared with Rhode Island, California has 9,375,965 people that are not being counted.

Duane kirkland private person investigating why cops get shot.

 and to protect life and limb and property , and the Constitutions of the 49 states. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

should give some courses on the bill of rights, and the difference on a actual law versus unconstitutional laws so called codes and statues.

Save a cops life , teach him the bill of rights, and that a crime must have a victim and or property damage , or a violation against the Constitutions that he is to protect under the separations powers.

Tech the officers that the Constitutions are in harmony as one across the nation. Teach them the supreme clause, article 6 paragraph 2.

Teach them true difference between commerce versus private person.
My favorite vids.

kirk lands solutions..........…/solutions-by-duane-eugen…

More of Kirkland solutions from his investigations why cops get shot from the people they are to govern by agreement .…

Hidden wisdom xxxxxxxxxxx…

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