It has been quoted, "It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profound sick society."

We are not only fighting the madness of living in the Twilight Zone, the hits just keep on comin as I say, but as we all know, which is one reasons for this site, is the fight for our liberties and freedoms that has been disappearing in front of our eyes every day. Not only that, but we are also in an incredible fight for our very lives period.

Monsanto, chem trails, vaccines, processed foods & poison produce and meat which is the most tampered with food product on the planet. Soylent Green is alive and real.

If Fukashemia doesn't finish us off first we all still may see a whole new world fresh and clean where most everyones needs are taken care of. No more politicians, no more suffering misery death and wars.

Ok, I'm getting off track of what this post is about. Here it is

Hopefully this will help us to help keep our children safe as much as possible until our new world unfolds. Change is coming, and it won't be from the District of Criminals, traitor criminals.


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