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"education is important", "knowledge is power"

“Knowledge is power.” “Education is power.” In other words, learning information empowers you, right? Let’s assume that “knowledge” and “education” refer to truthful information: a) Much “information” (especially political) is propaganda and humans are too “busy” (lazy) to research the truth. b) Propaganda is still overriding the truth and some humans act on it thereby overriding any education based on truth. c) Humans conform to what others do rather than think and use evidence. Sheeple. Even if all humans agree on a truth, emotions will override. d) Humans are habitual so they will keep believing and doing what they have been regardless of getting new truthful information. e) Humans accept what they like and reject what they don’t like regardless of the truth. f) Few humans learn the truth because they assume rumors are true and then repeat them. g) Few humans remember truth so will not likely use what they learned. h) Most voters vote for candidates in their political party or based on popularity so will not vote for the best candidates regardless of their education. Famous excuses: “He can’t win.” “Wasted vote.” i) Most humans fear government so they will not act against it even when their education shows government is wrong. j) Most humans say until they die that they will act when they learn enough. Action does not require knowledge – “useful idiots”. k) “educators” get a false sense of hope believing that they are changing humans. Therefore, knowledge/education/information is useless unless you do something physical with it and very, very few humans do. ESPECIALLY “CONSERVAIVES”. Actions speak louder than words.

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