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Subject: Be encouraged: We can win if we keep fighting

Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel



It's now clear that Barack Obama's campaign slogans of "Change" and
"Forward" masked his true agenda of socialism, rampant statist power,
and the promotion of anti-family, anti-faith, anti-liberty initiatives
far outside the lines acceptable to mainstream America.

As we have seen first-hand this week, Barack Obama continues to pack
the federal judiciary with activist judges who have but little regard
for  the Constitution.

After witnessing an unprecedented display of raw judicial activism at
the Supreme Court - forever documented by Justice Antonin Scalia's
scathing dissenting opinion in the Defense of Marriage ruling - many
Americans are deeply concerned and even angry.

++This is the most corrupt administration in U.S. history.

Scandals under the Obama Administration have rocked our nation to the
point that many of us are simply tired of hearing about them  or feel
too weary to face the next eruption from this unbelievably corrupt

The trillion dollar stimuli, ObamaCare, the Libya invasion, Fast and
Furious, Benghazi, the politicization of the IRS, the NSA intrusions,
Eric Holder's hopelessly corrupt Department of Justice - the list goes
on and on and on.

Americans are justifiably worn down by the Obama administration's
playbook operating in sync with powerful leftist lobbies to produce...

*    The impending destruction of the world's most advanced
healthcare system through ObamaCare.

*    The normalization of deviant lifestyles by the courts and

*    The establishment of tax-payer funded abortions.

*    The promotion of crippling economic policies destroying the
world's greatest economy.

*    The demoralization of American servicemen and women and the
attacks on their liberties.

Meanwhile, very few elected officials have shown themselves courageous
enough to confront the Obama political machine.

We all now know that the Obama agenda lies FAR outside the lines of
what is acceptable to most Americans. Yet we look on as the President
continues to cater to extremist groups intent on remaking America into
something unrecognizable to the majority of us.

++Liberty Counsel is a leading national force for a return to sanity in
our civil government.

Thomas, from the beginning of this dark period of American history,
Liberty Counsel has aggressively confronted the Obama administration's
destructive statist actions.

In the midst of these ever-increasing attacks on our shared values,
Liberty Counsel has continually pressed forward to advance liberty,
life, and family.

Right now, we await rulings from the Fourth and Ninth Circuit Courts on
two of the most important lawsuits in the nation - our historic case
against ObamaCare and litigation to stop California's outrageous Change
Therapy law.

And our strategic lobbying and public policy work is rallying hundreds
of thousands of patriotic Americans every month to have a major
positive impact on legislatures and other deliberative and regulatory

Meanwhile, the Lord has blessed us with the ability to call together
strategic alliances of other conservative leaders and organizations,
such as our powerful collaboration for Marriage Solidarity which has
united over 250 leading groups representing tens of millions of
American Christians.

The fact is, Liberty Counsel is fighting at the epicenter of the battle
for the soul of America. There are many dark forces attacking our
beloved nation, but we know we can win if we pray and work together!

Your thoughtful gifts to Liberty Counsel are actually strategic
investments in the future of our nation, our communities, and our
individual families.

++We need your immediate help!

As we near the end of our fiscal year this month, I must make you aware
of a pressing need. In the midst of these many battles and activities,
we have experienced a significant drop in giving, particularly over the
past two months.

The timing of this decrease began at approximately the same time as
revelations emerged concerning the systematic IRS targeting of
conservative organizations.  I believe honest, God-fearing  Americans
have been deeply shaken by the string of scandals to which we have been
exposed in the past two months.

We have never seen the likes of this brazenly deceitful administration.
They have turned our expectations of responsible American leadership on
its head!

And where is our President when Americans desperately need
encouragement and leadership?  He's on yet another $100 million family
jaunt in Africa while his fiscal "sequestration" cut-backs wreak havoc
on essential civic services!

It is understandable that we have all taken pause to reassess how to
move forward in this detestable situation.  But retreating from the
battle will only make matters worse!

Right now, quite simply, I need your help to continue confronting those
who are intent on subverting the Constitution and transforming America
into a godless, socialist nation.

Will you prayerfully consider making a tax-deductible gift right now so
our team can continue to fight against the rise of Big Government,
radical pro-homosexual forces, and the attacks of the ACLU and other
activist legal groups?

We depend on friends who give $20, $30, $50, $100 - whatever the Lord
leads - so we can stay involved in these crucial battles.

Will you help with an immediate gift? Please go here to make your
tax-deductible gift:

a href="http://www.libertyaction.org/r.asp?U=283114&CID=330&RID=31461691" target="_blank">http://www.libertyaction.org/r.asp?U=283114&CID=330&RID=314...>

++There's hope that America's next conservative awakening has begun!

Americans are waking up to the fact that this administration and the
leftists that support it don't do ANYTHING without arm-twisting,
threats, and behind-the-scenes manipulation.

Poll after poll reflects the growing sense of betrayal and mounting
outrage at the thoroughly corrupt Obama administration.

The most recent Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll
shows that just 46% of likely U.S. voters approve of President Obama's
job performance while fifty-one percent (51%) now disapprove and 41%
strongly disapprove.  Only thirty percent (30%) now say the country is
heading in the right direction.

These figures are among the all-time low since Barack Obama took office
and they are trending downward.  I believe that the closer we get to
ObamaCare's official enrollment period late this fall, these numbers
are going to deteriorate quickly.

Besides being absolutely corrupt, this administration is enormously
incompetent, and the stress of trying to force their Frankenstein
medical program to actually function is going to shine a very bright
light on their woeful shortcomings.

This is a failed presidency in every respect and even liberal
progressives are now openly saying so.

So take heart - despite the short-term pain of watching our nation and
our precious liberties suffering betrayal, being subordinated to
foreign interests, and forced to conform to the demands of shrill
special interest groups like the pro-homosexual lobby, I believe the
tide has begun to turn - and will continue to turn into the 2014
mid-term elections.

But patriotic Americans must not become as complacent as we were in

Thomas, although we face the most severe assault on our core values in
Liberty Counsel's 24 year history, I see a mighty God who is far
greater than the giants we face.

Behind every apparent adversity there is opportunity - because, with
God, all things are possible. Therefore, we must remain faithful and
press forward!

God has called us for such a time as this. Please stand with us.
Together we can win!

That's why I'm coming to you for help in this special way right now. I
am calling upon you and thousands of others to make a special
tax-deductible gift at this time so Liberty Counsel can continue our
aggressive strategy to bring forth "A New Birth of Liberty in 2013" and
close fiscal year 2012 -2013 on firm financial footing.

Please click here to make your donation:

a href="http://www.libertyaction.org/r.asp?U=283115&CID=330&RID=31461691" target="_blank">http://www.libertyaction.org/r.asp?U=283115&CID=330&RID=314...>

THANK YOU for all you do as a key member of the Liberty Counsel team.
May God bless you!

Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

P.S. We can win if we keep fight and don't give up.

Please, consider a sacrificial gift to empower Liberty Counsel to
continue fighting on behalf of life, liberty and family.  Again, thank

a href="http://www.libertyaction.org/r.asp?U=283116&CID=330&RID=31461691" target="_blank">http://www.libertyaction.org/r.asp?U=283116&CID=330&RID=314...>

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