In a state with a republican form of government, as demanded in the Constitution each county would be equally represented in their state legislature. Florida does not have a bicameral legislature anymore , they should have one house representing the people and one house representing the counties. Florida as a two legislative houses representing the people and no legislative house representing the counties.

In order to prevent the tyranny of the majority, our founding fathers created a bicameral legislature where there was one house to represent the people and one house to represent the states. 

The legislatures of the states also had bicameral legislatures to prevent the urban counties from dominating the rural counties.

The small counties in Florida has a natural right to be represented in the state senate just like the small states have a natural right to be equally represented in Congress.

Rank County Population
1 Miami-Dade County 2,761,581
2 Broward County 1,951,260
3 Palm Beach County 1,485,941
4 Hillsborough County 1,436,888
5 Orange County 1,380,645
6 Pinellas County 975,280
7 Duval County 950,181
8 Lee County 754,610
9 Polk County 708,009
10 Brevard County 596,849

These 10 urban counties control what goes on in the 57 predominantly rural counties. Any liberty minded individual that lives in one of the ten counties metropolitan counties should move to one of the small rural counties and take control of that county's government.

58 Dixie County 16,700
59 Gulf County 16,164
60 Union County 14,940
61 Calhoun County 14,587
62 Hamilton County 14,310
63 Jefferson County 14,288
64 Glades County 13,724
65 Franklin County 11,736
66 Lafayette County 8,732
67 Liberty County 8,457

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