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Friends of Liberty Newsletter - June 6, 2017 Edition 001

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Blog of the Day!

The Global plan

Wow just wow. I knew part of the story but not all of it. 

I talk to "Globalists"; Their family is one of the investment families who run IMF. They're semi-autonomous. They've told me what is GOING to happen in addition to the "currency conversion"

About 90% of our country will be off limits to human use. We are watching a UN agenda unfold before our very eyes. ( Things have changed since Trump was elected, they're not always in the know and have been wrong and they never were before he was elected).

What I can't understand for the life of me is the Federal employees. Either they're unaware of the end game which is selective parenting and humans being restricted to biospheres. Depopulation to a half billion people over the next 3 generations. She said no one will be killed now rather babies will be fixed at birth. ( I always thought the half billion was hyperbole) This doesn't mean they'll get their way. I simply can't see doctors agreeing to this although I didn't think they'd participate in assisted suicide or aborting healthy full term babies either.

Environmental NGOs need to be smoked out like Future Wise who's stated goal is to prevent suburban sprawl just sued in WA state and won. Now anyone who tries to punch a well after July 2017 will have to pay tens of thousands of dollars to prove their well won't affect water tables ( their lying excuse is protecting those with senior water rights). They will also have smart meters attached to charge people for using their personal wells and water. 
Trump canceling the Paris Accord is a step in the right direction. However, it is these federally funded NGOs that are a bigger danger than the agencies themselves. ICLIE is another one. There are hundreds across the nation. They have a big presence in Nevada. They tried to outlaw septic tanks in Maryland. A new city council was elected. They named Agenda 21 by name and marched the ICLIE office out of their town.  They've had a bottom up, top down strategy since 1992. They take the tax dollars for infrastructure etc. and use it for bike paths, HUGE apartment complexes without parking spaces.Their new name for it is Agenda 2030 or "sustainable development"

Trump's platform seems in direct opposition and he has pulled us out of the ways they take sovereignty. Like TPP and the Paris Agreement. The definition of Globalist is those who believes in corporate installed Oligarchies over nation-states. One of the Swedish Oligarchs has just told Americans to get with their local NGO's to fight the Trump Agenda. and keep on "sustainable goals"  It was on the WEF website. 

This is the website that tells you the phrases and methods they use. I seriously doubt Rosa is still a Democrat. She has been warning people since 1992. This is just the beginning. Millions will lose everything when they crash the dollar which last I heard will be 2021( It was supposed to be this year) Our debt wasn't quite high enough for the dominoes to start falling. Just the difference between left and right here was MASSIVE. Obama did far far more damage than people realize. Left wanted to merge all the central banks of all the America's. We would have been burned to ashes, our current system completely gone, for a communist system. Democratic socialism on steroids. This is the real reason BRIC was established and he went traipsing off to South America.  ( We are seeing more and more kids saying natural resources and land belongs to everyone so they believe we should be allowed tiny living spaces and the government dole out everything, its only fair)

Not all the Globalists want that, the ones I talk to want Capitalism.  They said we dodged a bullet and will now just be North America. The wall is also for a lot more than is publicly stated and will be fought with vigor. There is a huge infrastructure project it will block.

Look up the North American super highway. It cuts the country in half, has no overpasses and we would be charged to drive on it for those who have cars once they get through with us. It has been successfully blocked thus far in Texas but not for lack of trying by Rick Perry. It is also to stop any "refugee" crisis that will be created South of the border.

This was the same as Hillary's private position of an open hemispheric market among the America's. When the people I talk to told me about that, she said wages would be like $5, houses $30K, cars $5K. I'm not sure what it will be with just North America. She didn't tell me how truly horrible it would be until after she lost the election and said it would still be bad but no gun confiscation or FEMA reeducation camps were planned like the left was implementing.  

Watch the Video

At first she said we'd stay the benchmark currency and petrodollar. After WEF she said Trump was signaling that he wanted to bring back manufacturing so it would be a true currency conversion to make US goods more globally competitive. She posted the debt clock in February and said watch it happen, America hitting 20 trillion as their debt has passed GDP ( we're technically bankrupt). No country to reach this milestone has survived. Will the Americans once again surprise everyone? It looks like we did and she will not answer a single question now. She posted about it all the time before we didn't hit the magic number. We were literally days from it hitting.

Just since February the gap between debt and GDP has closed significantly. Not only does the debt keep backing up, but our GDP is up from 18.3 trillion to over 19 trillion. It says spending was up over 126% and GDP is up only 103% yet the gap keeps closing. I have seen Mnuchin say we have to raise the debt ceiling. I don't think it will matter anyway the Globalists have their money set to convert to other currencies when it happens.  

I guess the Obama admin was skimming 100's of billions of dollars. She explained the pickle Obama caused with the bailouts; too much liquidity, not allowing economic growth and the massive debt. There is now no wiggle room. Had he not gotten the debt so high and in fact spent us to the end of our cycle in 2014, the transition could have gone a lot smoother and we could have. She said there was so much at that point he in no way had to do what he did.

So in addition to getting to live through a reset, we could face hyper-inflation. The banks can't lend to much or the inflation will become insane. If the Q.E. is lifted at his point we'd have 643% inflation.  She said all part of his plan to push as many into poverty as possible. We've seen nothing yet if another leftist gets in. Trump's administration wants to hand land back over to the states and put it up for sale. We are going to see the environmental NGO's go nuts as their funding gets slashed along with BLM and other agencies.  Four point seven Billion just from BLM & the forest Service. Media is already crying about all the Federal Employees who will lose their jobs and listed all the funding he proposed cutting from them, which is billions more from other agencies too.  

She has given me so much information on the monetary system. It was her cousin that was my first friend who said she never lie to me and tell me if something is coming. She was the one who told me Agenda 21 was real although she didn't call it by name.  I asked her if whites were being bred out on purpose... Her response was chilling and we haven't spoken since.

Regardless if people understand their strategies and we have enough people at local levels who fight it, without it just being done behind our backs, it can be fought peacefully. You just have to know what it is and fight back before they get it passed through. Our window is closing. I realize Trump isn't perfect and Eminent Domain could be used for the wall but the alternative is us losing 90% of our land to Federal control where it will be off limits to humans completely along with huge chunks for light trails and intercontinental highways and our borders open to 600 million people looking for handouts from the evil USA who owes everyone in the world whatever they want. Their comments are all over social media.

Along with being forced to live in super cities with tens of millions of people and no homes. There are videos of how to design a business for 21st century living. Tiny flats without appliances. The main character has a calorie card to eat. Kinda like the communists gave tickets for their "rations".  When you see Paul Ryan's plan for the 21st century. People will no longer be in one place, they need to move to where the work is.

How can more people not read their plans and see what is going on?? I just for the life of me can't figure out why all these Americans would go along with this. Do they think when the music stops they'll get a chair? Trump will be between a rock and a hard place because of how much was already printed. Obama could have let the banks release liquidity instead of printing to to the end of our cycle. If Trump did that the inflation would be massive, so I don't know how it will be handled.

The left will scream it is his fault when he saved us from something so much worse. The debt would have been high enough for just the NAU. It needed to be 28 trillion by 2021 for all the Americans and somehow Hillary would have spent that while pushing millions more into poverty.

Since the Globalists, I know, won't answer questions now and opened an investment firm back here in the states after spending 7 years removing layer after layer of investment, things could be put off beyond 2021, but if it is we could get another communist in office and then all the Americas are back on the table along with nothing but inflation just another way for them to steal from American citizens.

Trump talked to a Libertarian banker who wanted to end The Fed but it is so much more complicated than that. Us being the benchmark currency ties to, many other currencies to ours, so that would cause a global crisis of a different kind with us being the monsters, so that isn't an option at this point. We'd be at war with Europe and China at the very least. If he at least gets us energy independent and returns land to the states and it's up for sale to develop we'll be way better off.

I just always thought that the "conspiracies" were just that, but after being told flat to my  face UN goals from someone within that system, we are living on borrowed time. I want to move to a rural area so bad. My husband is fiscally illiterate and doesn't want to give up his "pension" I hate to tell him, but it will be given up anyway along with our lives.

Why aren't there more men like in these videos who won't just go quietly into an authoritarian system? I didn't agree with trying to take the Malheur Wildlife Refuge forcibly either. It was an example of taking the fight to them rather than fighting within the parameters we can; and we CAN.  Can't people see they're next?

Metals and land are really the only option, not to mention what will happen if food chains break. Even if they don't, crime will be off the charts and I'm not proficient with a firearm, (like that would do me any good), with thousands of people coming to loot the suburbs. Rural areas will only be a little safer as long as as there are a lot of people and resources to defend it.  She said we have a CHANCE at order with Trump.

These people in the video are the ones the Obama admin. said were the most dangerous. Yeah to his communist global government.  The very reason for the Muslim influx is because they don't believe in private property rights. Western Democracies have rights based on the Magna Carta but we aren't a Democracy!! This is what we need to hammer through peoples heads. Civics were taken out of the schools in 1970. 

We just need to be aware of where the problem lies and it starts with these NGOs & the UN. When I read over this is sounds like lunacy but it isn't.  I think if half of these Federal employees realized what is going on they'd be on America's side. No one wants their children to be under authoritarian rule where they government doles out birth licenses and tells you how many and what calories you can eat, where you will live and how much living space you're allowed. It sounds so far fetched but so would this video, 30 years ago. I told people 10 years ago they'd try to meter wells. I was told I was full of crap. My family is listening a little closer now, but people still don't know what to do. 

Laws should only be created to protect our rights:

Just how does BLM protect citizen's rights in any way shape or form?? It was created to take our rights; so I hope getting their funding cut by billions helps pull the rug out from underneath them.

Just how is The Fed accountable to congress and citizens?

Congress is the only entity that has the constitutional right to issue our currency. I guess they created it because of what happened in 1893 & 1907. We wouldn't have had a country anymore has the House Morgan not bailed the government out, BUT The Fed at the very least should have congressional and citizen's oversight.

We are about ready to find out why our founders warned to never allow a central bank. I want to move so bad. I'm scared to be here. I see Jefferson a lot on here. Liberty was just introduced again.

Congress will fight on a 51st state. Why not just redraw state lines for Jefferson Liberty and Eastern Oregon as one state and the socialists can make Western WA & OR another state and there we still have 50 states and it won't come to civil war. Warning all Black Lives Matter and other Soros funded groups now so when the currency converts they can raise hell. When no one, even the most Liberty loving person, can withdraw cash or buy food, we're in trouble.

As far as I know 2021 is still the target. We'll know for sure if the stock market "corrects", (basically drops when we hit 20 trillion). If it does, step up preparations!

Please pray for me as I will for all of you. We need to get on homesteads or Ranches and out of suburbia. The Redoubt is more defendable. Utah wasn't chosen for lack of resources and a flat terrain. I need others to talk to so badly instead of a husband with his head in the sand. He barely gets the concept of interest never mind explaining that the macro economic system is a sham. If anyone is in stocks watch the debt clock here. 

God Bless you all and God bless these men in jail. Get on the first website, I posted, it gives proof and how to fight it. Oh and any so called Libertarian who has voted for even one multinational trade agreement isn't a Libertarian. They have nothing to do with so called "free trade" but are to "equalize" economies.

NAFTA was a framework not a finished product. There isn't ANYTHING that can be done to stop this. Even if we needed the Fed, the disruption would cause a collapse. Even if congress issued the currency we'd get an Obama again it wouldn't change anything.

Now it's us creating alternate currencies and barter systems, yes? I saw something on here and I'm trying to think of ways to expand it with social media and e-commerce sites. I had an idea already that just expands it. God Bless! 

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Comment by Morton on June 7, 2017 at 6:06am

I got only 31/50. Lots of little stories and details I did not know.

Comment by Morton on June 7, 2017 at 3:53am

I got only 31/50. Lots of little stories and details I did not know.

Comment by Lawrence Brown on June 6, 2017 at 2:37pm

Live free or die trying. God. Bless USA Again.

Comment by Keith Broaders on June 6, 2017 at 2:02pm

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