FORWARDED BY ERASMUS OF AMERICA - NOV. 11, 2013. If Obama tried a military takeover of America, among other things, I would meet with foreign sources who it would be to the advantage of to see America free as a nation. Whether this would lead to World War III or not, it would all be in the hands of God. I already have arranged that the technology would be in trusted hands and ready to deliver to allied foreign sources so they would know how to build the Soviet-era Doomsday Bomb and then we would kick out the foreign soldiers if backing Obama out of America and militarily arrest all domestic military backing Obama in an attempted military takeover of America. We would then have the American verson of the Nuremberg War Trials of 1945-6 and the results would not be pleasant for those judged war criminals against America whether domestic or foreign.   
     When an enemy plans to be totally ruthless against your people and nation, he has to be beat with smarter military answers than he has and throwing flowers at him is not going to defeat him or drive him out of America. After Obama is defeated, if he tries to escape, we will hunt him down across the world like Nazi war criminals were and we will bring him to justice  and all who tried to flee with him. I don't know why American intelligence years ago during the Cold War told a U.S. Senator who had been with Marine Corps intelligence in World War II that I would be the toughest S.O.B. leader for any enemy to face if fighting America. This U.S. Senator then told a retired Pentagon official who was a best friend of mine and this retired Pentagon official told me what the U.S. Senator said of me after being briefed by American military intelligence. American intelligence said if America was in a military jam, I would be the toughest military leader for America any enemy nation could face. Maybe it impressed American intelligence that I arranged for the overthrow of the Iron Curtain in 1961 if Wash., D.C. would back the plan. I had three Russian undergrounds ready to overthrow the Soviet Government and had a Romanov in Moscow ready to seize the government in Moscow if backed by Wash., D.C. One of the undergrounds demonstrated that they could paralyze the entire Soviet Air Force by sabotaging a plane with Soviet generals who died in the crash engineered by this underground.  This was to impress Wash., D.C. Lyndon Johnson, scared as hell, did not have the nerve to back the overthrow of the Iron Curtain.  The Joint Chiefs of Staff called this "either the end of the Cold War or else prepackaged World War III." All U.S. military were ready to back this overthrow of the Iron Curtain if Wash., D.C. backed it while Kennedy and Khruschev were off in Vienna for a "peace conference" then. I wasn't even 21 years of age, but as a military cadet for long before then, I knew how to play the game for overthrow of governments. The Joint Chiefs of Staff were incredibly impressed with my initiative like this and soon after gave me a military charter to set up an intelligence operation for America with no restraints on me. They said I was like a super master genius in art, you could tell me to create a masterpiece, but not how to create the masterpiece in art. Even the White House did not know that I had been given this charter by the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon, but J. Edgar Hoover did and a few other select sources in Wash., D.C. who did not tell anyone else about this. They said I was like a Michelangelo in artistic genius, but as such they could not tell me how to create masterpieces but just tell me like a Michelangelo to "create 
masterpieces in military intelligence for the national defense of America." Thus was born the A.C.I.A. (American Counter Intelligence Agency) which later had spies in over 30 nations of the world and domestically we had massive penetration of the Communist secret setups, etc.  
     When later the head of the Soviet spy ring in America told an undercover F.B.I. informant who he thought was a Communist spy from New York City how I had saved America from military defeat during the Cold War by my "Slavic Royal Alliance Ruse" over the Soviet Union when Khruschev gave the West 6 months to get out of West Berlin or else it was World War III with the Soviet Union. I think it was 2 weeks later he backed down and said "The Berlin Crisis" must be solved by "peaceful co-existence at all costs." This was after President Eisenhower had a secret committee to tell him what would happen to America if he surrendered to the Soviet Union then. Alarm bells are ringing off all over Wash., D.C. No one was ever supposed to know about this! As a young military cadet, I outwitted the best brains in Soviet intelligence in Moscow then. I anticipated their moves just as I know the game of high treason that Obama is playing with America right now. By the way, by 4 channels the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Pentagon sent me congratulations for the Slavic Royal Alliance Ruse once they saw the testimony on what the head of the Soviet spy ring said that I saved America from either military defeat or else World War III then. I made Soviet intelligence look for a 10 nation uprising of Slavic nations the moment the Soviet Union tried a military move towards America. I prepared this ruse for maybe 6 months before the ultimatum on Berlin as I evaluated correctly the game Khruschev was playing on America then. By being prepared in adance, I saved America from Communist takeover then or else fighting a World War III then with nuclear weapons. The Joint Chiefs of Staff congratulated me on the Slavic Royal Alliance Ruse and judged it was the most brilliant military intelligence ruse in the military history of America up to then.
      Analyzing what Obama is planning for the American people if you the American people allow him to do this is he will apparently kill off from 25 million Americans on up to 200 million or more Americans if you act like peaceful little lambs consenting to him cutting your throats instead of standing up to him and stopping him from all his high treason schemes against you the American people. After all, when Obama gives his "crotch" salute (and apparently never actually says the pledge of allegiance to the flag of the United States of America then!) to the American flag when others salute it or else have their hand over their hearts as they pledge allegiance to it, this boy has utter contempt for the American flag, you the American people, and all that America was founded upon and should stand for today if we did not have this archtraitor Obama in the White House whose every dream is how he can betray America and collapse as a nation once you let him.
       Stop the games and pass the Omni Law and now. The Omni Law is posted on our national website. And help all ways you can to pass this Omni Law and as soon as possible. Pass this report around for all to see. Remember Obama knew so little about American history when first running for the White House as a Trojan horse candidate for foreign and domestic enemies of America that he referred to that America had 57 states and did not know that America only has 50 states. He is a clever actor and con artist, but he is the enemy full of hatred towards America and the American people. Our website is . Our email  Our mailing address if you prefer that to using the website for placing orders, etc. is NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679 . Make any checks, etc. out to NIFI and tell us what the payment is for whether a product (which helps finance the Omni Law Drive) or else for the loan program to finance the Omni Law Drive which is the Omni Law Loan Program.
     Yours For God And Country, Erasmus Of America (pen name for the pro in military intelligence who has saved the neck of America several times already as military intelligence secretly knows. But this is the first time that we have the Trojan Horse in the White House pretending to be President when on two counts for starters, he cannot be legally President of America. The U.S. Constitution requires that both his parents had to be U.S. citizens so he would be legally qualified to run for the White House. He himself has admitted many times that his father was a citizen of Kenya and a British subject and never became an American citizen. Sorry, Obama but under the national law, you cannot be President of America and all members of the U.S. Congress commit high treason against the U.S. Constitution by allowing you to stay in the White House when you are an imposter and usurper of an office you cannot legally hold. Also, once you slipped before running for the White House and was recorded as shown on the internet where you told a gathering of Americans that you were not born in Hawaii, but in Kenya! You slipped that time! And you were named in I think 1992 by a Communist official in Moscow that you were being trained to be the future President of America so you could take over the U.S. Republic and make America a Communist nation after you got power in America. This agent for the Defense Intelligence Agency reported this back to America at the same time it was stated to him while he was visiting Moscow I think in 1992. The Communist official said his name was Obama and he was a Black who the Communists would put into the White House later on for the Communist takeover of America! That is long recorded testimony folks!) Now follows the promised forwarded report! It is time for all veterans in America this date to decide that this high treason in America stops now and kick the Trojan Horse traitor out of the White House and now!

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